Cypher labs a wasted purchase ?
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Apr 12, 2012
Not to start agro , im just looking for some balanced advice/opinions
i was part of the rockbox thread , but this doesnt really fit there
i recently purchased a cypherlabs solo and a king rex (still in shipping somewhere)
And just before this , a SR71b amp and sennheiser HD800s .With an ipod classic
160 gig .
im feeling buyers remorse now on a few fronts ,
i was misinformed on the cypherlabs
purchase ( i imagine it was an honest mistake ) , i was informed that indeed the solo
will play 24/192 from my classic with flac player from itunes , but classics arent ios
so it cant , after clearing that up im told an ios device Ie ipod touch with flac player
will indeed play 24/96 with solo ( but prob not 24/192) , but other sources tell me the
touch will indeed play the 24/96 , but downsample to 16/48 , a tear jerking disappointment
as i was about to pull the trigger on a 64 gig i touch . Im further informed the iphone and
ipad will play up to 24/96 with solo , but ipad will in no way fit into my pocket like pod/touch
and honestly my wallets starting to hurt lol . Im already able to play downsampled alacs
on my ipod via my SR71b , im kinda feeling i wasted over 600 incl s/h on the solo
i could save up and go the ipad route , BUT ipad is limited to 32 Gig i believe , and no
sd or usb capabilities , and cumbersome and really too large for an audio device .
For what i want to do , have i just tossed out over 600 dollars on the solo ?
Oppz as an edit here , if i went ipad route , could i not wirelessly  stream to solo ,im told
i can with itouch , that way at least i dont have to have ipad right on me . Also does ipad possess that
sweet sweet cover art like ipod im addicted to for over 4 yrs now ?
Any further advice , how to etc will be appreciated
im starting another thread on another possible buyers remorse purchase ,
the ALO Rx MK3-B Vs SR71B
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The higher resolution files are good but Solo play better in chain to bypass iPod internal DAC/AMPs and after sound much better, did you hear the difference?. Also iBasso DX100 are much higher in this regard if you want to play 24/192 files and it's AMPs/DAC section is realy good for one unit device(it has 64GB on board and Micro SD card slot to accept up to 64GB, so total canbe 128GB). BTW iPad are available in 64GB capacity and it's need camera kit to work with Solo.

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