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Oct 8, 2006
Are custom in ear monitors really more comfortable than generic fit?

I had the Shure e2c with PVC inserts - horrible for comfort, and I have also had the Shure SE530 with all tips + comply tips. I found the stock foam yellows to be more comfortable than the comply or the black olives or the soft silicones - until I modified my tri-flange to a bi-flange from information I got on Head-Fi.

Needless to say, even though the bi-flange sounded the best and was the most comfortable, it was still not comfortable enough for me to keep them.

It seems my ears are super sensitive to things being on/in them - I get bugged with full sizers too.

So, I've read that the "initial" pressure is something that you become used to, but what is the comfort like in the long run? I can't imagine it being like a nice pair of socks or gloves, more like a too small of a shoe where they are on your feet and relaxing you don't notice the issue, but when you move you are reminded that your toes are rubbing right up against them.

Insight would be greatly welcomed - I would love something that is 100% custom "ME", but at the same time it seems a little risky.
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Originally Posted by M3NTAL /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Are custom in ear monitors really more comfortable than generic fit?

Night and day difference, for me at least. I cannot stand to have universal IEMs in my ears for more than 45 minutes, but regularly put in 13 hour non-stop trans-Atlantic listening session with my UE10s. Even if they didn't sound significantly better (which they do), that alone justifies the price, IMO.
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for me it depends...

for universal IEMs... i've been quite flustered trying to get a good seal with the dome molds...forgot the term ha...
With foam and the triple flange though.. they're softer and more flexible so those to have are quite comfy

Customs may/may not go much higher in comfort from the foam/flanges. Depends on how well it's made.. once they're the right fit, i must say the comfort's fantastic cos it follows every contour of the ear. But I don't feel MUCH more comfort than from the foams/flange.
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Thanks for your honest opinions. Now it is to determine WHICH brand. Any idea when Sleek is coming out with a custom? I would love giving a supporting vendor my business.
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Sleek Audio's custom is still in prototype, but if you ask JasonK really nicely, I bet he can made something for you. He makes custom hearing aid, so I guess it shouldn't be that difficult.
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Customs are the ultimate in fit and comfort, you just have to be ready to send them back and forth to the company to get the fit perfect.

I can wear my UE-11s for three hours playing soccer (which is INTENSE). I wouldn't even think about doing physical activities with universals.

And I dont even need to tell you about the SQ difference.
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Wow you guys's customs sound like the fit wonderfully! My UE5cs are very snug in my ears, and I can definitely feel them in there. They are comfortable, but I never forget that they are in there. Sometimes they feel like they are too big for my ears, but they plug up my ears real nicely - my seal is amazing.

I can feel them most when I lay in bed, or when I am in a different laying position. Last night I switched back to my se530, and to me, those things are like a dream. Which just goes to show you, poeple have different opinions.
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I have to agree with everyone else- my UE-10s fit as advertised. After wearing them for about a month and went back to my UE Super Fi Pros just to compare. No comparison as far as comfort goes. I felt like I had to adjust the Super Fi's every once in a while just to ensure that I had the proper seal and all that. When you slip on customs there's never any need to adjust them. They do what they're supposed to do. They fit like a glove.

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