Custom SE535 or Universal SE846?
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May 23, 2015
Hey guys,
Just signed up for the forums because I'm a little torn between what to do. Please shed some advice!
Currently I'm using Sennheiser IE800, and previously IE80. Love the IE800 except the lack of over the ear cables.
I plan on keeping the IE800, but would also like to explore other options. (No one near me does Custom IEM for IE80 or IE800)
I can get a good deal on Shures, so I'm looking at the 535 and 846.
I never owned a pair of custom IEMs, which is making me want to give it a shot. Reshelling the 535 was first on my list, but then I tested the 846 for a little bit and it seem to fit ok.
What would you do? Would you go for Reshelled 535 or universal 846?
Looking forward to what your opinions are!

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