Custom IEMs - Shall I Dive In?
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Dec 15, 2007
I bought a pair of Q-JAYs last week, and now they're back on the market because I totally overlooked the filter issue. I was looking to grab the Sleeks yesterday/today, and guess what? Now I've decided to grab some customs due to the fact that I actually have more money than I originally thought!

So first off, my budget is $350 including shipping and duties (although I might just drive down to Point Roberts/Blaine and pick it up). The only problem is that the only custom IEMs that I know of are the LiveWires, Freqs, Sleek Customs and UE ones.

I really don't know much about customs at the moment. I just know that the UE are uber expensive and over my budget from the looks of it on their site, Sleek Customs may or may not satisfy me without testing their SA6 and finding the right treble/pass pattern, and that the Freqs apparently refit for 50 dollars down the road. I was also wondering what the difference between all the different Freq models are and if they all have replaceable cables now instead of the higher models only.

I honestly don't know anything else. I can book an appointment with an audiologist and get impressions for 30 dollars, but do you think that being 16 that my ears have reached sufficient size to support the fact that I may potentially get customs?

Any insight into which one I should buy, or if I should get them at all at my age is appreciated.

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Aug 18, 2007
It's way past bedtime, so I have to keep it short. I have Livewires and Freq Show, and prefer the Livewires a little more for the increased bass, treble and transparency. I have reviews linked in my profile.

At 16 you will possibly need to get them refitted in a year or two, so at $249 + shipping + impressions you are looking at a cost of about $30/mo for the customs. Worth it to me, but not sure about for a 16yr old.

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