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Custom IEM that sounds like the Shure 1540

  1. greenback
    In my search for my perfect headphone I have been through multiple iterations of light to bass heavy headphones and IEMs. I think I have finally found my perfect signature sound in the Shure 1540 headphones. The problem is, I need something now that matches these in a pair of custom IEM earphones. 
    Right now I have a pair of Heir Audio 4.a custom IEMs which sound really nice, but after hearing the Shure 1540's I have to say that they are lacking. So with that in mind, if anyone has hear the 1540's can you recommend a custom IEM, or a universal if there is no custom that meets the requirement which can satisfy my mobile isloation sound needs?
    I should mention that my local headphone shop is going to be offering JH and Weston custom IEMs using laser measurement for the ear, no more audiologist. So if I can find the sound there that would be even better, save me the cost of visiting an audiologist.
    I'm not against spending upwards of $1500 dollars if needed.
  2. greenback
    No one has any suggestions? 
    I'm just listening to my 1540's again I really like the sound. I am wondering if the Shure 846 might be what I am looking for with custom sleeves if there are no other custom IEMs with a similar sound signature.

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