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Current Inexpensive IEMs of choice?

  1. Gavin Foxx
    So I am looking for IEM's under $40 USD that people consider 'good for the price'.

    I'm looking for something currently made that's easy to find online under that price range on amazon.

    Bonus if they are relatively flat, durable, and can be slept in without issue.

  2. kukkurovaca
    TRN V20 are cheap, decent for the price, and more neutral than KZ
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  3. Gavin Foxx
    What's KZ?
  4. kukkurovaca
  5. Will Chiu
    Maybe e2000 from final?
  6. Gavin Foxx
    That's a bit above my price range, and also doesn't seem to be physically very flat or good for sleeping in.
  7. DaniRojo
    Have you thought about Tennmak Pro? Good for the price, easy to drive, fun but accurate signature, flat enough for getting sleep with them.
  8. serman005
    I like my ZS10 fairly well.
  9. squee116
    Hifiman Bolt's were good for the 10$ price tag. May need to spend an extra $10 on tips for something that seals well. The sound is enjoyable but flawed, which is what you should expect for the price.
  10. Milck
    You could get the 1More Triple Drivers used for around that price
  11. Gavin Foxx
    I'm super wary of getting IEM's used... even with replacing the eartips!
  12. squee116
    I bought some 1More's used and had some problems with them. They didn't cover them under warranty, but 1More did give me a coupon code to replace them at significant discount. I was pretty impressed with their customer service. Something to think about.
  13. gazzington
    I really like the v20s
  14. buke9
    KZ10 would be my choice it might come in a bit over budget but is very good for the price. Hybrid 5 driver one dynamic and 4 balanced armatures a bit on the bright side but not as much as the other KZ’s and decent bass.

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