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Creek OBH-21SE

  1. d0lph1n
    Creek OBH-21SE doesn't power up after I've connected the DAC output during music playing to the headphone amp's output (RCAs). What did I do?! Could you help me please?
  2. d0lph1n
    Outside the forum I' was told that I've probably cooked the op amps for the input circuit and maybe other parts as well.
    I've been trying to troubleshoot the TL074CN.
    Please let me know if I'm doing it correctly. Thank you

    - With the headamp's DC power off
    - Multimeter in diode mode
    - I've measured each pin to ground:

    1(1OUT): 0.74V
    2(1IN-): .0L
    3(1IN+): 0.0V
    4(VCC+): 0.95V
    5(2IN+): 0.0V
    6(2IN-): .0L
    7(2OUT): 0.74V

    8(3OUT): 0.74V
    9(3IN-): .0L
    10(3IN+): 0.0V
    11(VCC-): 0.54V
    12(4IN+): 0.0V
    13(4IN-): 0L
    14(4OUT) 0.74V


    - With the amp's DC power on
    - Multimeter in V mode,
    - I've measure the VCC+/- to ground:

    VCC+: 0.54V
    VCC-: 0.0V

    See the photo of the board below.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018

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