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Apr 9, 2008
I am feeding the a RSA Predator from the AV out socket of the Zen but each time the AV plug is inserted into the Zen it switches the display Off,is there any way of over-riding this.Each time you want to change track or album the plug has to be disconnected so the display can be viewed
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it does the same with my zen, i have no idea about it tho
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Easy to fix, just go to the Setup - Video screen and select 'None' for video output (I think, forget the exact field name but it's pretty straightforward.) If you do that the screen will no longer blank when you plug into the line out connector.
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From the main menu, go to system, then go to photo/video settings, then go to video out. Put it to off. Problem solved!
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thanks guys
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x3, i use my line out on my Zen all the time. Whats happening is the player thinks you are going to use it for video out. This way you turn that feature off =)
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just tried it, works a treat
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Many thanks for all your responses
Likewise I use the line out at all times
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Originally Posted by Vinny /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I didn't even know there was a line out on my ZVM.

It's on the charging dongle, and also the optional docking station.
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Originally Posted by ILikeMusic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
It's on the charging dongle, and also the optional docking station.

I tried that once but was unable to control the volume once my phones were connected to the dongle.What did I do wrong then ?.
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you dont want to use just your headphone into the line out. The line out isnt amped.

If you want to just use headphones, plug it in the normal jack. If you want to listen to zen via stereo or amp, then use the line out.
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You have to attach the plastic dongle thing to use it. If you lost it, the might still sell them at Creative.

Oops. I missed those posts. What they said. Line out is for amp use only.
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I just heard that ALO is going to make a LOD for the Zen...Ken kicks ass.

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