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Creative Sound BlasterX G5 vs play 3, oppinions ?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by wwwpuntoit, Oct 19, 2018.
  1. wwwpuntoit
    Hello everyone,

    i need an external audio card for my hackintosh since the output volume is too low.
    i will do a little bit of gaming, listen to some flacs and general use like youtube, movies.

    I have the opportunity to get the XG5 at 30€ second hand or the play 3 at €20 on amazon.

    can someone give their oppinions in picking between these 2 ?

    i'm looking for a volume boost and clear sound.

  2. wwwpuntoit
    anyone can help ? thanks
  3. wwwpuntoit
    :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: no one at all has tried XG5 and can give advise ?
  4. KcMsterpce
    I have the SoundblasterX G5. It is excellent. In fact, I purchased three (one for my desktop, two more for my laptops). I prefer using that with the Sennheiser HD650 over the Audeze Mobius.

    The G6 just got released, and I am considering getting it.

    What's great is that it has a lot of power, and with "high gain" enabled it can even power my MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs (although it is a little too "crisp" in the highs for gaming). With 300ohm headphones, it works great.
    I even use my Campfire Audio Andromeda when on-the-go, and with the volume at about "12" in low gain, it performs like a champ. Almost no hiss when no audio is played with IEMs (most probably wouldn't even notice it).

    Hope that helps.
  5. wwwpuntoit
    Thank you, I did pick the G5 up and it is a nice improvement over my mb's sound card.

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