creative ep 630 fake or real?
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Apr 25, 2009

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i just saw these pair of earphones for 5 dollars on focal price. the previous consumers who bought the product claim that the earphones sound good and judging by the images i cant tell if its fake i need to know if i should purchase it or will i just be wasting my time. here is the link.

Creative EP630 In-Ear Noise Reduction EP-630 Earphone $4.51 - Free Shipping

Fake...How do I know? Because I have the same damn problem! I had a pair of ep-630's for more than a year...and for the price! They rocked!! But I saw a guy selling ep-630's he bought in bulk on ebay for like ten bucks...couldn't go wrong right? Well, my original pair that I had for a year finally croaked (right ear shorted out at the way to fix) sooooo, I figured I'd just open up the new ones and be fine.

THEY SUUUUUUUCK!!!!! It's like going from $30 dollar low-fi aweful! The SQ of the immotations is god awful. They go from a semi-well rounded low-fi to this echo-ey mess of soundstage with no bass and no treble.

Save yourself the time and frustration. Buy the real thing...spend the extra 25 and you will be very happy. They make a great upgrade from the standard bundled mp3 IEM' least if you don't get the immotations!
Hope this helps you out!!

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Apr 22, 2009
It looks exactly the same as mine except the packaging so it's hard to say, it's been a few years since it was on sale for 30 for me so I would think that 10 dollars for it at a discount place is not a stretch given the amount of cheapo IEM competition out there now (I walked into radioshack the other day and was surprised at how many they were selling), but yeah I wouldn't trust it for 5 ...

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