Creative Aurvana Live any good?
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May 3, 2008
After reading threads on this forum I had finally decided to buy the Audio Technica ATH-AD700, managed to find it for £92 delivered. However, I stumbled across some good reviews of creative's Aurvana Live headphones, which cost merely £60 delivered. Anybody tried these out yet? I ran a search on this forum but found no mention of them.

I haven't got a fancy set up, just an creative xfi-music card. Mostly use my headphones for tv series and films I download and average bit rate mp3s. Would the AD700's be overkill for my requirements or are they worth it? Im currently using a pair of sennheiser HD555's. Unfortunately during my drunk student days they took quite a beating and now one of the speakers makes unpleasant sounds occasionally - which seem to be rectified at least temporarily by beating them senseless. Not sure what the problem is with them.

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I tried these 10 times before buying my Sennheiser HD205.

they are not worth the money... i mean sound is much better than older creatives... but Sennheisers can easily own them.

even Audio technica are a go..

dont fall for Creative..

I bought Creative HQ1400.. their cheaply built headband broke and creative refused to replace them.

let me show u my complain article:

Never buy creative if u are an audiophile:

Creative HQ1400 - Design Flaw + Bad Customer Service - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion
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Cheers for the heads up. On reflection looking at the images, they do seem kinda flimsy.

Are audio technica's one of the better options for films or is there a make im over looking? Do you need an expensive set up to really notice the difference between say the AD500's and the AD700's or is the difference in sound quality instantly noticeable regardless of the set up?
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the aurvana live appears to be made by foster japan, same as the better denons, but with a smaller driver and of course no wood.

i've heard it said that they are overly bassy but that's all i've heard specifically about the aurvana live - and opinions about bass quantity vary quite a bit between people here.
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Cheers for the info eric. A bloke on another forum tried the AD700's and sent them back in favour of the AKG K 240 Studio due to a lack of bass, which I quite like when watching films. They only cost around £65 delivered as well, do they need an amp though?

Im completely lost now, theres too much choice. Im just looking for some headphones under £100 that are good for films and don't require an amp. I mostly listen to purely acoustic guitar mp3s - eg Tommy Emmanuel and Rodrigo Y Gabriela.
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i don't know the k240-s myself but many people say they need an amp to sound their best.
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I had rather get senns than creative..
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I'm not a big fan of the "Creative" brand myself but as ericj says they are Foster OEMs. They are definitely on the bassy side of things, but I like the overall balance and they're pretty good for the price.
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I have realized that Great headphones dont sound bassy or punchy...they offer the most neutral sound. and the most deep with most details.

So dont go for Aurvana.

Go for Sennheiser 32 Ohm's.

that way u wont need amps.
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The Aurvanas are decent for me, but only because I got them free with a soundcard purchase. I would not pay for them, but they made my son very happy.
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Originally Posted by bassoprofundo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The Aurvanas are decent for me, but only because I got them free with a soundcard purchase. I would not pay for them, but they made my son very happy.

Looks like your son has got good hearing. People who never use headphones but play or hear live music from time to time, choose recabled Creative Aurvana Live! over the GS1000's. They say it's more like being there on the concert. Sad but true. Actually the CAL!'s are the same (or modified, not sure) construction as the Denon AH-D1000's and in both cases the bottleneck is crappy cable. As for me - stock Creative Aurvana Live! are better than Sennheiser HD555, comparing it to the HD205's is rather funny. All is the matter that the CAL's are not exactly portable headphones, and they show what they can do on desktop rigs much better. After recable... see the linked thread.

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