creative 630 (has rebate) + recommend upgrade plz
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Oct 18, 2004
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the creative ep-630 has a 10$ rebate at j and r for a price of 19.99 + around 5 or 6 dollars shipping.

for dudes that already have these, i just got got them and love them. the only iem's i have had before were ety 6i's and no offense, but i absolutely could not stand them and it turned me off to iem's. they were the definition of cold and analytical (although the detail was great!). in case you might flame me for not knowing good sound if it hit me over the head/was plugged into my ear canals, i own akg k240's and my main rig is an arcam cdp into a roksan amp into dynaudio speakers.

i'm sure everyone on this forum has more experience with iem's than me. is there one in the <$200 range that is like a more expensive/better sounding version of the creatives/senn cx-300's? i realize that the cheapie creatives are more of a basshead sound (which is like a guilty pleasure for me), but the comfortable plugs and not-quite so analytical it drives me crazy like the 6i-sound is more what i'm looking for. maybe the only complaint i have is that i wish there was better separation on the creatives, although for the 35$ that i paid i have no complaints.

keep in mind i do not want to use an amp PERIOD, it will be straight into my ipod. all of my mp3's are burned at 192 vbr. also, i would prefer iem's that do not plug as deep into the ear canal - like the creatives. for any recommendations, thanks in advance!
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Feb 27, 2006
^ I'd have to agree that 5 pro might be a good match for you, but you'd have to stretch your budget a little. Or, if you want to stretch a little more, consiser the UM2's.
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Mar 3, 2006
Look into the Westone UM1, $109. Slightly warm sounding, but still good detail that is more natural sounding than the analytical er6i's, I have the er6, which is even more bright. The UM1s have a very smooth, natural sound to them that I can listen to for hours without any fatigue. Compared to the er6 they sound much more dynamic and full, not analytically thin or harsh, which is what the er6 sounded like to me.

I can also tell you that the westones are significantly better than the creatives, which are indeed bass heavy and have harsh treble and also don't isolate nearly as well due to its semi isolating design.

The westones are EXTREMELY comfortable too and fit the best. They also respond very well to eq so you can tweak to your desire without any noticeable distortion at all.

Although I have to confess that they don't sound great through my ipod mini, which I believe is known for poor sound quality. My mini sounds crappy through my creative ep630s, the senn cx300 that I sold, the senn mx500 and poor with the er6 too, although the er6s detailed sound and the ipods lack of detail makes a better match than the rest. The westones should sound great through 5g ipods I would think.

I listen to my UM1s mostly through my Monsoon pc speakers headphone out, which I believe is a 75mw output, which aint too shabby. Provides a lot more detail than my ipods.

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