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I'm a huge fan of the Aurum, it is my reference so far, and I am far from being tired of my custom pair! Do you guys plan on delivering a new flagship in the future ?

It looks like something is being announced soon. I'm very curious about the new Carft Ears, I hope it's still a tribird :)


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It looks like something is being announced soon. I'm very curious about the new Carft Ears, I hope it's still a tribird :)
Yeah ! Saw that the other. Really looking forward to see what they are cooking, Aurum was such a banger !
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Perfect all-rounder - yes. I think it's time for me to start a special fund. :D
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My Omnium has shipped and should hopefully reach me by Friday. It’s my first Craft Ears IEM and I’m going in without having heard them before. Looking forward to it.
Does it have more bass than Aurum ? How is the soundstage ?
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Does it have more bass than Aurum ? How is the soundstage ?
From my AVS impressions, they had better textured bass with more quantity. Soundstage was deeper, with some great magic happening to the mids (insane width!)
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Hey guys! Just received my Omnium's on Monday, I've spent quite a bit of time listening to them at this point so I figured I'd share some brief impressions on what I think about them as there's not much talk about this set :) I'm not the best or most articulate writer but I have been fortunate enough to hear just about every IEM that's available here in USA or somewhat relevant at the moment. It's my first Craft Ears IEM and I went in blindly with their Black Friday discount as I wanted to try something new/from a different manufacturer, and I am really glad I did!

The unboxing is rather simple and understated, yet all the accessories provided are fantastic and actually offer great usage which is honestly all I want and need. The provided cable is quite soft/supple and has interchangeable connectors at the bottom for 2.5/3.5/4.4. There's also 6 or 7 different sets of tips included. Build quality of the IEMs is great, although they are major fingerprint magnets. The cable seems to "click" nicely into the 2 pin sockets also which feels like it would remain sturdy over time with cable rolling. This IEM in universal form (I'm not sure about CIEM) also has no visible holes for DD venting as it is vented through the where the gold plate meets the shell.



Most listening was done off of the WM1Z-M2 and stock cable/ear tips around 77db volume.

To start off and be brutally honest, these have been one of the most challenging sets to share impressions on for me. When something is tuned this well and just sounds this "good"/normal, it is hard to find words to share as to why or why not they may be special or something you should avoid and that's been a struggle for me. When I listen to the Omnium everything just sounds so... right... that I'm not even sure where to start.

If I had to come up with any nitpick for my own tastes/ears, it might be that bass could use a tad more mid bass to add some extra body/punch to the lows, but when I listen to them I don't feel myself missing mid bass at the same time because the body is still there and very well controlled, I think perhaps my ears are just more drawn to how this IEM handles sub bass instead. Sub bass goes incredibly deep with wonderful rumble and feel. It never imposes on the mids and stays in its own lane but manages to sound big and present when it needs to be. Listening to "Blame Myself" by Illenium @ 1:25 as it enters the bassline, I can clearly hear and feel the two mid bass punches followed by the sub bass in the background as it scales the different frequencies. At 1:32-1:35 when it hits the lowest of bass notes the sheer feel of sub bass its able to provide is fantastic. It's not quite to the same elevation as the FATFreq IEMs but the quality here is higher and more satisfying to my ears.

The mids are some of the nicest tuned mids I have heard, being fairly neutral with a wonderful tiny hint of warmth and transparency to them that comes off as very organic and natural sounding. Note edges are on the slightly smoother side which gives them a more analogue rendition. Both male and female vocals are top class, with male vocals sounding clean and clear and female vocals coming off as slightly wet and more emotive. I'm not picking up on any sibilance with my main torture tracks. The way the mids are able to handle how they sized is also very impressive, it sounds massive without ever coming off as artificially large, being able to spread out nicely across both an X and Z axis, and never sounds too small or congested. It will expand/contrast accordingly to whatever the recording sounds like without leaning too far one way or the other.

I don't have a whole bunch to say about the treble, and that's a good thing. It's very inoffensive with great detail, dynamics, and extension, staying away from harshness or being crispy.

Technical chops are excellent all around while only falling short of the absolute best technical aspects of certain IEMs that I have heard, with the highlight being the IEM staging and imaging capabilities. Overall I feel left wanting for nothing here in techs, even when directly comparing to my Aroma Fei Wan which has some of the best technical chops I have heard.

Some closing thoughts... I was really taken aback by how coherent his IEM is given it's using a planar driver. From my experience so far with planar drivers in IEMs they have this unnatural glare about their timbre that is hard to mesh well with BA/DD drivers. The Omnium doesn't have this issue at all, it is incredibly coherent and natural sounding. If you're looking for a natural smooth sounding IEM that just has a wonderfully done tuning/technicals that stays away from being too plain thanks to it's lovely sub bass, then the Omnium would be something you should consider. If you're after something that's thick/punchy and more aggressive/in your face then you'll likely not gel with this set. When I listen to the Omnium I don't get the feeling that any aspect of it is "the best I have ever heard." I have heard other sets that may have better bass, mids, treble, or technicals, but I'm not sure I have heard a set at any price point that offers such a complete package (relative to my tastes of course) in terms of just doing everything very well along with build quality, accessories, price, etc. If I were to score the Omnium it would have 8 and 9's across the board, which is what makes it a "10" in my head and worth owning.

I have enjoyed this set so much since I received it that I have already purchased it in CIEM form, and I should have that shipped out to me sometime next week as I paid for 7 day rush build. I'll share pictures of it when I receive it, but I am fairly confident it is going to look stunning. Until then I'll be enjoying my universal :ksc75smile::beerchug:

If anyone has any questions I’ll do my best to answer. 👌🏽
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Congrats @aaf evo! You're making me look ever more forward to mine!

I hope you enjoy them! They really caught me by surprise more than any other set this year. I didn’t really have any expectations as I am not familiar with the brand but whatever I did have was absolutely shattered so I’m really thrilled with that. I saw a graph beforehand from Jedrzej so I knew what the overall tuning was going for but that only tells you part of the picture. The execution is wonderful.
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I've told Jed they're his most mature release! In the wider context of his line, they can be a tweaker's paradise but Omnium works right out the box with a universal appeal that will get the most immediate uptake. It's got an ease and effortlessness about it that the others, with a more 'monitor' midrange and highs, don't have.

Omnium doesn't replace Aurum, it won't mine which occupies its own niche. But this has real flagship intangibilities and cues.

The sound "let's go" of Omnium's shell, breathes and projects a lot better which gives that impression. The horn also sounds less tuned around just a specific small bandwidth, you can't hear much acoustic colouration. A product of its tube-less design?

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