Cowon D2 Sound VS Zune 80 VS Sony NW-A816 Sound
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Feb 18, 2008
want to know how these player stack up in terms of sound quality without using any amplifiers, just headphone out, Rank it : 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
thanks. i really appriciate it. because upon your opinions, i will finally choose my best mp3 player.
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i doubt anyone here will have heard all three players enough to judge them. however, the D2 sound is not for everyone. a lot of people think it has a colder sound signature, which turns a lot of people off. i think it has great synergy with the Sony MDR V6, which are a bit bass-heavy in the first place, so i guess they find a good balance.

i have heard a few sony's, though not the one you mentioned, and i used to own the first generation zune. between those two, i like the sony best.

it terms of pure sound and nothing else (in my personal, not extremely informed opinion):
1. sony
2. cowon
3. zune

all three are still excellent choices.
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I think you should get the Meizu.
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I have a Zune 80 and a Cowon D2, I prefer the Zune 80 because as mentioned, the D2 can be a little cold, though EQ'ing can help that, but I don't have any urge to change the sound of my Zune 80 at all (which is good since you can't).
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Originally Posted by Insanity /img/forum/go_quote.gif
well, you can eq the zune 80...just not with custom eq's. Just the few pre-defined ones (which is rather worthless).

No, there are no EQ presets on the Zune 80
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Originally Posted by Insanity /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yes, yes there are. You must select them via the Zune software though. They can't be adjusted on the actual device. (the 30gb does not have this problem).

Go ahead and explain how to do this then
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Go to the Zune software settings. There is a tab for it in there. I have a zune 30gb on hand atm, so i can't tell you the exact wording.

Edit- It does appear they removed it in one of the firmware updates. My bad. It was there right after launch, not anymore. Though the original software enabled EQ wasn't a proper one and was really bad on batter life (the reason a true eq has still not been implemented according to MS)
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Nope, like I figured, you must be talking about the old Zune 30 software. There are no EQ settings in the new software, no EQ settings on the newer Zunes, and there aren't even any EQ settings on Zune 30's updated to the lastest software as far as I know.
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I don't have a Zune 30, so I wasn't sure on that one
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There were a number of blogs which reported that the 30gb lost EQ, but they turned out to be false. Not that it matters much anyways. Like you said, the flat EQ is quite good i think.
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i would go for sony if you use iem or canalphones - it just is sweet. for bigger phones, the d2 has never found an equal for me with dt880 for instacne but for iems and canalphonesi found it way too compressed a stage for me and muddy bass.

sony is great but i do not like it for my easy to drive big phones, it just don't give enough of anything.

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