Cowon D2 and Headphones
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Mar 14, 2008
I need someone to ease my mind. (Im new here btw, hello all
) Im a newb with all this stuff basically but when I was young I was into the stereo stuff.

Anyhow, I just got a Cowon D2 DAP and either the Cowon D2 sucks monkey balls or the headphones that came with it suck monkey balls.

Im on here shopping for new phones but it will take time before I can afford them, so in the meantime I want someone to tell me its the phones and not the player that sucks.

PS I am in search of a review of the D2 right after Im done posting and saying hi to my new friends here
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yeah, the earphones included are among the worst ever. but that is normal. get anything else. koss ksc 75 or portapro in the states is cheap shyte.

they will serve you well. i owned the d2 for about a year and eventually sold it. it is not a bad player but a very hyped player for not very good reason.

it sounds lovely with large proper headphones that have high ohm. for instance, if you will not buy an amp, it is great with even the likes of dt880 and hd600 - for a portable, i could find myself enjoying their sound even without an amp ever.

for iems and canalphones, i find it severely laggin behond other players from just about every company as it has a very compressed soundstage that muddies the bass just a tad too much for me.

edit: i think this might serve better in another forum, like portable or headphones forum.
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Sorry about the location of the thread. I just wanted my mind eased a bit. Im NO JUDGE of sound quality but I thought the D2 would be decent for a beginner but it sounds pretty bad with the stock phones and got worried.

I didnt want to go in the other places because everyone seems like an expert and Im such a newb at this that I figured I wouldnt get yelled at as much here for doing something wrong.

Thanks for the suggestions on phones, now I have a good spot to start looking. I should have said though, I do need IEM's. Maybe I got the wrong player to match with IEM's but I need something that will fit in my ears under my motorcycle helmet, I wear full face and its a TIGHT fit.
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Some of it is FLAC and the rest is good quality. I just found out it is definately the phones. Switched up with a friend at work here for a few minutes. I didnt want to give him his $10 headphones back and he wanted to just toss mine in the garbage to save me from the stock phones. THEY ARE THAT BAD!!! LOL.
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Research the Altec iM716 $85

Welcome to the head games~
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I listen to top 20 pop, hip hop, lots of the Beattles, Joplin, Government Mule, Im a Dead Head, Suicidal Tendencies, Janes Addiction, Eazy E and Ice T.

No Im not sure what I want, something that will fit cleanly in my ear so it doesnt rub to hard on my helmet sides.

I considering the Sin CX300 as a beginner set and expand my horizens from there.
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hey shigzeo how come you always bag out the D2 - half the posts I see you do are about how over hyped they are?

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