Could this little device be the answer to Wi-Fi streaming of hi-res audio?
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Mar 5, 2014
Hi all here at Head-Fi

For long I have been looking for a satisfying way to stream high and standard resolution audio (mainly FLAC) over Wi-Fi from my laptop to my NAD M51 DAC – ideally in a way where I’m not limited to use certain programs.

Of course I don’t want to compromise audio quality (e.g. jitter and drop-outs) and so far my search have been unfruitful.

Then the other day I stumbled across AIRTAME which will purposively stream all video and audio from your computer to a TV through the HDMI input.

Since the M51 have HDMI input and video pass-through I am thinking if this is the solution I have been looking for?

My concearns are if the audio will be compressed and de-compressed during the streraming resulting in loss of sound quality and of course issues like jitter and drop-outs.

Any thoughts on this?

Also if anybody have othter alternatives that fullfil my neads please share!

Thanks in advance!

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