Congested Ears?
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Apr 7, 2015
At times I seem to not be able to enjoy any of my headphones, and it seems like it may be caused by having congested ears on a daily basis. I can definitely notice the difference when my ears are "open" and when they are "congested." I have had a constant issue with my left ear for a a few months where I feel a pop whenever I burp (no pretty way to put that) or usually when I blow my nose, which I realize is supposed to open the eustachian tube but the popping has been happening pretty much every time I blow my nose. I did have my left ear cleaned out which fixed a temporary problem wherein it was entirely clogged but now I still seem to have a recurring case of congested ears which can be frustrating especially in this type of community. I do believe my headphones make me more conscious of the issue, but some of the quick fixes like blowing my nose with both sides covered doesn't seem to help all the time. 
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I use my headphones powered by an iPhone (6 Plus) or a Retina MacBook Pro. The rMBP particularly works great as an amp.

I don't think you got the joke 
 Anyway good luck to you and your ears. 

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