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Computer Speakers

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dh12345678, Feb 24, 2012.
  1. dh12345678
    I've been looking into some speakers for my computer recently. They won't be used for hi-fi listening sessions, just for some music and videos. I want some that are around the $150 price point. I've been looking into the Creative T40, M-Audio AV40, and HK Soundsticks III. Any other suggestions?
  2. spittis
    I recently bought new speakers myself and did a lot of research on the matter. The Behringer MS40 should be around 150$ and most reviews gave them thumbs up considering how cheap they are (I haven't heard them myself though). Check them out.
  3. james pal
    I think You should go for Polk Audio PSW10 it's amazing computer speaker for you. And if you want to see full review then you can visit computer speaker under 100
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  4. theveterans
    Necrothreading sir. Check the dates before posting.
  5. Brown Smith
    I have seen some great speaker now in market, but i confused which brand i pick now. Any suggesion for me?
  6. james pal
    You can go for http://amzn.to/2yKAo19 I am personally using it and it is pretty amazing.
  7. Gandes
    Low niche headphones are much better than superb high tech gaming ****ty
  8. wowyahoo
    If you can wait until Black Friday, your dollar power greatly increases. Last year, the JBL 305s could be had for just over $150 for the pair. You would be much happier.

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