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Computer Audio Player Software Free better then Paid

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by nicknack40, Apr 27, 2018.
  1. nicknack40
    Evening all, Just a quick question is Paid really better then free PC audio software. Was recently using MusicBee even though MusicBee was fine for most part my Music used to cut out every now and then now i switched to Jriver but to my ears my MP3's Do sound alot better not set it up properly yet only just moved yesterday so im on my 30 day free trial. Do others find paid vs free alot better in sound quality
  2. HAL lives
    I'm a huge fan of MusicBee, moved to it from iTunes when I got sick of mp3's, and re-ripped my entire music collection to FLAC; I've never had an instance of my music "cutting out," and I listen to music for hours every day.
    My music library is on an SSD and my entire system, including screen, external drives, and speakers, are run from a UPS... that may make a difference.
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  3. music_man
    If you get past the learning curve which is difficult, Foobar does much more than almost any paid program.
  4. dwinnert
    Unless you need the video portion of JRiver...no, it's not worth it. I use Foobar2000, but MusicBee is great also.....both sound identical.
  5. KungFuNat
    winamp, musicbee, foobar. all sound the same, it is just a matter of configurations and user interface. Use what you like, no need to pay.
  6. shrimants
    i use plex now but i was using musicbee earlier and winamp before that. plex might be super overkill for what you need and honestly the interface isnt that good, but it works.

    Musicbee has buffer settings that you might need to modify for network playback and/or flac playback. that should stop it from cutting out and whatnot.
  7. nicknack40
    I use Musicbee now i stopped using JRIVER when the Trial run out so back to Musicbee i like the interface of Musicbee alot better. I do use PLEX and i do have a PLEX pass for my own media like films exc for PLEX on my Android box Via kodi which is for the TV downstairs and Musicbee on my PC upstairs. Thanks for the inputs chaps much appreciated

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