Comply tips sizing - Difference in T vs. Ts diameters
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Jun 9, 2013
Hi,  I'm new to the forum.  I've done a lot of searching regarding the various foam tips available for my Sennheiser CX 685s and am looking specifically at the Comply TS series foam tips.
I measured the stock tips that fit me most comfortably and they are 12 mm in diameter.  When I look at the Comply T-200 (which are specified for my CX 685), the medium is listed at 12 mm diameter.  When I look at the Comply Ts-200 which are spherical in shape, the small is listed at 12 mm (medium listed at 13+).  I'm thinking that the contact points on the spherical Ts models, due to their shape, will make less ear canal contact.
Does anyone have advice as to which size to order.  (I've asked the same question at Hearing Components, but no answer as yet.)  Or should I just go ahead and order the T-200 in medium and eliminate the guess work?

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