Color/cord options for UE-5C?
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That's really silly. Mine just had a little padded cardboard box and handed them over to me without question. You definitely need a different audiologist! But you should have no problem finding one.
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Originally Posted by PhilS
Here's kind of a funny story regarding getting my impressions made. I contacted a local audiologist that had been recommended, and when I explained to the woman who answered the phone what I wanted, she confirmed that they could to it. We discussed further some of the particulars and when I was asking her if she would give me the completed impressions to send off to Ultimate Ears, she said no, they don't do that anymore. Instead, they now send it directly to one of two companies that they use to make the earpieces, because they have had problems when they gave the impressions to the customer to ship. I told her that this was an ear monitor for use with a portable music player and that I needed it to go Ultimate Ears, the company that will be making the monitor, and she said: "Oh no, that's not who we use." We use "_________" (not Sensaphonics or Westone, BTW, but some company I've never heard of). After further discussion, and after I explained to her that this was kind of like being measured for a Toyota and having the measurements shipped off to General Motors, she told me that she would have to check with her boss, and that she would have him call me to see what they could do. I'm still waiting. Guess I'll try another audiologist.

I saw a little of this as well. Some audiologists are "captive" in that they only peddle/distribute certain brands of hardware out of their office. They may also receive kickbacks from these manufacturer's as well as part of their income.

What you're asking for here is out of their norm (even though we talk about it here all the time). I'm sure she has no understanding of what you're really looking for.

If they give you any problems, feel completely free to go elsewhere. Lots of audiologists are happy to perform "free-lance" impressions and take your money.
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Yeah, my audiologist sells the Westone line and tried to convince me to go with them, instead. I just explained to her that I specifically wanted the UEs and she was fine with it. It sounds like this kind of thing is fairly common.

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