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New Head-Fier
Aug 28, 2013
I am looking for some headphones that I could take on campus with me and use at home with my macbook pro. I have been looking at models like HIFIMAN: HE-400, SENNHEISER: HD600. I do not mind using a portable amp to play my music if I need it, I will mostly be listening to music (mog, flac, mp3) at home and in the various libraries around campus. I enjoy indie, classical, hip hop, and many "oldies". I will also be using these headphones for gaming, movies, and general web stuff. The headphones I use now are the earbuds that came with my samsung s3 phone so anything would be an upgrade likely. I bought my brother these headphones and am not a fan at all of the audio quality but, these were selected for gaming only and before I found the option of clip on or desktop mic's. 
So... my budget is $100-$600 maybe more if the jump in quality will be worth breaking my budget (big maybe). I am curious to as what some of my options are and if it is worth it to start the journey into head-fi. To clarify, I do not want to spend $600+ on something that is just slightly better than the steelseries gaming cans I gifted my brother. Any and all advice/suggestions is welcome. I have been lurking in the reddit audiophile community for a while but I am new to this forum, so I also want to say hello and I hope I will be welcome here.
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Hi there I am new here too, and I too am a college student who is taking audio more seriously. I just bought myself a HD558 which are FANTASTIC, i also own a Siberia V2 and I tested this with my HD 558. I could almost not tell the difference I know it sounds stupid, but after burning in many hours into my HD558 and starting to listen to FLAC audio, I can tell a major difference between these two.
The HD558 is only going for about 180 USD so it's definitely within ur price range and awesome set of cans!! 
BTW pls use foobar2000 to play all of ur audio, it's just great. :D

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