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  1. VocaloidDude
    I just took this ziplock bag of old coffee grounds from the top of my fridge which has been there accumulating extra grounds for like over a year. It tastes surprisingly good. I've also been really enjoying this two brothers store brand coffee my local grocery store serves, the decaf hazelnut version especially.
    I just drink mine black and decaf, because I don't like the way that caffeine makes me feel. I have a pretty sensitive digestive system, it interacts directly with my mood, which caffeine usually screws with. Yeah, that usually means the options are limited but I don't enjoy it any less. 
    I can taste some old pumpkin and spice in this mixture of grounds from last fall lol. Coffee is blood. 
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    That's from the acidity more than the caffeine. Use alkaline water for cold brew, but get two French presses for this since proper cold brewing with that kind of water takes longer, that way you'd always have one ready at some point even if the other is still brewing. It takes at least 16 to 18hrs when using alkaline water (vs 12hrs for regular water).
    You can get an alkalizing filter on Amazon. Do not do the dissolved baking soda method used for flushing uric acid and stones because 1) that will screw with the taste and 2) that will increase your blood pressure.
  3. wink
    Why start another thread when we already have this gem:-    http://www.head-fi.org/t/815520/caffeine-addicts-anonymous
  4. VocaloidDude
    I drink decaf coffee...
  5. wink
    So do some of those benighted posters.......    [​IMG]
  6. TwinQY
    ​What's wrong with a nice glass of apple juice?
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  7. wink
    The apples......
    They put doctors out of business........
    Coffee, on the other hand........... 
  8. VocaloidDude
    I don't understand. I haven't read any articles talking about the health hazards of coffee, nor do I hear people say that in general.
  9. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It's not coffee on its own but all the other stuff in one's lifestyle that interacts with coffee. People in certain high stress, high workload environment replace sleep with coffee. The increased caffeine intake along with all the other chemicals in coffee can exacerbate certain conditions. Primarily cardiovascular (caffeine) but also digestive and metabollic (acidity). That's why I'm doing cold brew and not more than 500ml of the pure brewed coffee (ie, not counting all the milk, which has its cardiovascular penalty considering I'm a 50% coffee with 50% whole milk). And then those who do instant coffee try to cover up the acrid taste with a buttload of sugar.
    Add to that how, at least in Europe (including Russia), Asia, and Africa, coffee drinkers tend to be smokers, which is why despite the heat in SEAsia and Africa (or Garden Grove in California, where you have Vietnamese and Filipinos everywhere) for example you have people sitting outside covered by umbrellas or a high second floor overhanging the ground floor cafe (any lower and there would be a cloud  of smoke right there). So in that example you have caffeine and nicotine as uppers on workdays or for roadtrip rest stops. Speaking of which, my typical lunch is either a banh mi or stir fry, capped with coffee and a Marlboro, so yeah...meat, fat, caffeine, nicotine.
    So in short if you're just the type to have two cups in a day with practically nothing else it's not really a problem.
    BTW...you're not likely to hear people talk about it as a health problem in general because they consume it too. It's like how it's easier to find some hot blonde on Fox News railing against weed and KFC than an overweight guy in California. Well, maybe that guy would rail against KFC's quality and pricing, if he's seen how good KFC is in Asia (while it's taking a beating in the US market).
    In any case, again, coffee by itself isn't a problem, it's just that what else is going on can go hand in hand and exacerbated by excessive coffee consumption. I run on caffeine instead of actual sleep for example, and if anything, I've been taking Uber instead of driving so I can sleep.
  10. VocaloidDude
    Well, that is probably true about caffeine. I don't drink it because caffeine makes me feel horrible. I haven't thought about the acidity of coffee on my digestive system very much, that is an interesting point. I don't eat food that has processed sugar in it, or I do but very rarely. I certainly don't put it in my coffee, nor do I smoke. So I do wonder whether or not it would be much of a detriment to my health. The thing is coffee is one thing that I can actually look forward to in life, and I feel pretty unfulfilled when I can't have a nice cup of coffee. I probably have a couple cups of black decaf coffee every day. I certainly hope it's not a detriment to my health. I doubt it but you never know.
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    That feeling of fulfillment with coffee and considerably negative without is still some kind of addiction to the other chemicals in it, kind of like how slow I can be if I had to jump out of bed and not have coffee and a cig. 
  12. TwinQY
    In addition to ProtegeManiac's point:
    Imagine if the word coffee was replaced by heroin in these sentences; would it sound any less pathological than it already does?
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  13. WraithApe
    If you replaced the word 'coffee' in these sentences with 'heroin', you'd get a nice cup of heroin and decaf heroin, which is more illogical than pathological. Why pathological anyway? Dude just likes his coffee. [​IMG] If you picked on a recurring word in most sentences and switched it with 'heroin', it would sound slightly crazy.
  14. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Black Heroin sounds intersting (or racist, since that's basically Crack), but decalf heroin...not so much [​IMG]
    I think he meant to use it like how the term is used as a qualifier for a behavioral flaw, like pathological liar, except in this case he's emphasizing it as an addiction (given caffeine isn't the only stuff in there).
    As for me...I'm sipping and huffing right now.
  15. TwinQY
    I could have been clearer here. When I made the substitution in my head it looked more like:
    Of course, heroin addiction is orders of magnitude worse than coffee addiction in terms of the consequences. I just wanted to point out that it was similar to how people rationalize addictions of a worse variety. All said, it was probably not worth making the point, or the post at all. I apologize to the OP if they misunderstood as well. Whatever they choose to drink should be no business of mine.
    Pretty much.
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