Closing open cans?
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Oct 4, 2011
Has anyone attempted this? People avoid open earphones due to a need to listen to them on tjw go, but what's stopping people from buying open cans and adapting them in such a way thar you can close them off for public situations?

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This has been done.  It almost always leads to resonance issues because the size of the enclosure affects how the sound resonates.  If the size is off just by a bit you can have too much damping or ringing, both are highly unwanted effects.
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The sound of open cans is good because they're open. Closing them off congests the sound and introduces resonance issues. It can be done, but not without plenty of modification to adjust for the lack of air.
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I've tried closing my grado's with my hands, they sound awful. 
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It's not that it's impossible to do, but you need some serious DIY experience before you'd tackle something like that and still make it sound good.
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Maybe closing the open variant of the Pro900 and Pro700 will work as both use identical drivers and what looks to be similar housing dimensions.  

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