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Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by todd, Jun 29, 2011.
  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,
    Just thought I'd pass on some great deals on some used gear we have here at TTVJ. There are only one of each in stock so it will be first come, first serve.
    First, I have a demo Peak and Volcano that will include the stock Tung Sol tube as well as the Shuguang CV181 Black Bottle. It is in like new condition and can be had for $1800 + shipping.
    Next I have a Ultrasone Edition 10 headphone that was our demo that we will sell for $1600 with free shipping in the USA or $20 credit toward shipping elsewhere. It too is in like new condition.
    We have a very rare piece that is no longer in production - the Manley Skipjack. It is a great way to add inputs or for testing various components/cables. $750 + shipping
    The Meier Prehead I mkII was a demo and has been packed away safely in a box for a few years... it needs a good home and we will part with it for $650 + shipping
    We also have a Beyer T1 that was a demo that we will sell for $900 + shipping
    Call me to let me know if you want it and it will be yours! 406-285-3910 or toll free 866-444-3910
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  2. Todd Contributor
    The SkipJack has sold and is no longer available... but the other stuff is!
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