Closed phones reccomendations £100-£200

  1. keasy
    Hi folks,
    I'm wandering aimlessly around the internet for new headphones and I have no idea what to go for.
    I was hoping for some advice or suggestions.

    I current have AKG K612 pros which I love. The problem is that they're open backed and as such when I hook them up to my Yamaha RN_602 network receiver/amp my missus hears them. I don't have the luxury of a spare room or the such that I can sit and listen in so the solution is to be closed headphones.

    My budget is £100-£150 but I can push it to £200 if I need to.

    I listen to contemporary rock and pop like Alt-J for example. A lot of banging EDM such as Digitalism and I also like acoustic folk like early John Martyn.
    Just all areas of music really.

    Can anyone recommend?
    Thank you.
  2. ScareDe2
    I love those threads:

    Brainwavz HM5
    BeyerDynamic DT770
    AKG k550
    ATH M50

    I have the DT770 pro 250 ohms, what you get is extreme comfort, reliability (you can throw them on the wall if you want they will keep working A1 forever), soundstage and neutrality with a slight touch of bass boost. Lacks a bit of details and transparency. 9/10 for the price.
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  3. Oscar-HiFi
    +1 for the DT770, 250 Ohm for your amp would work very well and you cannot go wrong with them :)

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