Closed back, Neutral sound, similar to krk kns 8400/8402 but easy repair?
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Sep 15, 2015
I have krk kns 8400 for some years and they sound great, pick up all small sounds and footsteps needed to hear in a video game so I know they're good, and neutral, and I like them for lots of synthesizers and guitar ran through the computer too.

1 ear stopped working and I managed to resolder it but it was a PITA, lots of cover plates etc and the wire was so thin and weak that after about 9 months it stopped working again and I don't want to bother re-wiring them again. I had ~$100 senheizers back in like 2002 etc that were much easier to repair and just as comfortable.

KRK now has 8402 for a good price and they're quite comfortable because they're basically same as 8400 but A) I still haven't heard back in weeks from KRK /Gibson if the pads are real leather or use any sort or weird egg protein frogskin materials because I don't buy leather. I think they're probably 'vegan' pads and good that the cheaper chinese replacement pads do fit because I waited literally 2 years on backorder for OEM replacement pads and finally canceled the order and got the ebay replacements.
B) I prefer something easier to repair if needed. I don't need the way these swivel and fold etc either which is how they originally broke and needed PITA repair.
Any suggestions
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Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506 headphones.

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