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"Click Here"

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by steve eddy, Jul 13, 2014.
  1. Steve Eddy

    Seriously? You can't say a legitimate "****" here (it gets automatically replaced by asterisks) but it's advertising adult websites? Not that I'm offended by the ad. It's the hypocrisy. If you're going to run adult advertising, get rid of the silly nanny filter.

  2. alv4426
    Im pretty sure the ads you see are based off of your browsing habits... someone has been having fun online [​IMG]
  3. Steve Eddy
    They must know about my membership in the Audio Porn group on Facebook. :D

    Even if it's based on browsing history, it's still coming up while on HeadFi.

  4. joe Administrator
    I've filed a ticket for this.  Thanks for reporting.
  5. Steve Eddy
    I thought it odd that that ad should come up based on my browsing history because I don't browse adult sites. Then I remembered an article from Huffington Post that had been circulating on Facebook that I had read earlier. The article was titled "My 'Naked' Truth," and had "sex-over-50" in the URL.



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