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Cleer Announces NEXT, IE Sports and BT Speaker @ CES 2017

  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Cleer has announced three new products slated to launch this spring: the flagship NEXT circumaural headphone, IE Sports bluetooth in-ears and BT Speakers portable bluetooth speaker.
    CleerNext1.jpg    CleerNext2.jpg
    (Photos courtesy of cleer-cn.com)​
    The NEXT is Cleer's newest high-performance open-back circumaural headphone. The enclosure houses a 40mm, high-sensitivity ironless magnesium driver which, according to Cleer, can reproduce a full frequency response up to 40kHz. It features an articulated design and soft leather on the headband and pads. It comes with a 3.5mm low-oxygen 4-conductor balanced audio cable, a 1/4" adaptor and a carrying pouch. Estimated price is $699 USD when it ships later this year.
    CleerIE1.jpg    CleerIE2.jpg
    (Photos courtesy of cleer-cn.com)​
    Cleer is entering the wireless in-ear segment with their new IE Sports Bluetooth headphones. These headphones utilize Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity to get around 5 hours of battery life and sport a sweat-resistant design, but the party piece is the built-in pulse monitoring for active listeners. No pricing estimates are currently available.
    CleerBT1.jpg    CleerBT2.jpg
    (Photos courtesy of cleer-cn.com)​
    The third piece Cleer is unveiling this week is their new BT Speaker, a portable bluetooth speaker. This IP65 dust and water resistant portable can go around 8 hours on a single charge thanks to the integrated lithium ion battery and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. Dual radiators provide an enhanced bass response in a compact package. There's a built-in microphone that can be used to take calls and for voice control with compatible wireless devices. No pricing estimates are currently available.
    For more details be sure to check out the official press release here.
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  2. Florimer
    The flagship somewhat resembles to me beyerdynamic 150, purely because of its hexagon earcup form...
    I think the flagship looks pretty cool. 
  4. Ghost Pack
    Looks like a stylish HD800. I would totally buy that if it sounded even remotely good, just for the aesthetics!
  5. maxh22
    Yup it definitely reminded me of the HD 800. It seems like It may have just as wide of a soundstage too!
  6. akg fanboy
    Never heard of cleer before, the headphones remind me of the blue mofis if they were open backed. The wireless iem seems interesting, finally we are seeing tons of wireless iems for good competition 
  7. Libertad
    the NEXT gives me strong HD800/DT150 vibes but as alot on here have said it looks alot better than either of them.
  8. Beagle
    Why does the NEXT remind me of the Blue Lola?
  9. akg fanboy
    blue was the first thing that popped in my head. The color scheme is very similar and distinct to what blue used 
  10. MadMusicJunkie
    Me, too!  It looks like a more aerodynamic, less clunky Blue headphone with open back.  Probably weighs about 10 pounds less, too.  If it sounds as good, though, I'd be very interested.  Sounds like its easy to power.  I wonder if its being touted as mobile and comes with a remote and mic...?
  11. akg fanboy
    Ah 10 pounds less, yes haha. Hopefully it is much lighter than a blue headphone ever was. I doubt an open back would have a mic though, only the portable speaker has a mic from the looks of it
  12. MadMusicJunkie
    You're probably right.  I wonder if its a replaceable cable.  
    Open backs with mic's are actually better, I think, since I can hear myself while I talk!  The only problem then is that the sound is much better through an AMP!  Its far from a deal breaker, but, just wanting more info..... guess that means I'm interested, eh?!  It also means I have a serious headphone addiction.  
    Knowing it and doing something about it are two completely different things.
  13. Ghost Pack
    Yep, it's a replaceable cable. Uses a LEMO (HD800) connector for each cup.
  14. aptr91
    the flagship looks like the love child of DT 150's and HD 800's
  15. Nrocket
    Look quite interesting.
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