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Circumaural upgrade from ATH-ES7?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hanafuda, Jan 23, 2010.
  1. Hanafuda
    I'm married with a couple kids and need closed cans. Right now I've got the ATH-ES7 which were like hitting the jackpot for their sound, but they don't isolate at all and the supra pad design is not fun for me. I've also got Super.fi 5 Pro IEM's that are more convenient, more portable, more comfortable (for longterm wear), and isolate about 10x better ... but I prefer the forward, brighter, detailed sound of the ES7. I also prefer the more realistic impact of headphones over IEM's, and would like to move away from having things stuck in my ears. I'm recovering right now from an "acute middle ear inflammation" that hit me with a tinnitus scare ... ENT put me on prednisone and the ringing seems to be going away, but I suspect the middle ear irritation came from pushing and pulling the IEM's around too agressively.

    I'm thinking I need some circumaural headphones, but I'd need them to be able to fill the ES7 niche, more or less. That means at least possibly portable, built tough, and closed. Better isolation would be a big plus.

    The ATH-M50 came out since I bought my ES7 and I know there are a lot of fans, but would it be an upgrade? Is the sound signature in the same ballpark?

    And what about the HFI-780? My dream come true, or my nightmare?
  2. Hanafuda
    shameless bump. any help on this, please?

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