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Chord Mojo with Windows 10 Update

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by LinkError404, May 2, 2017.
  1. LinkError404
    I just thought i would give you head-fiers a "heads" up. The Mojo drivers don't seem to work with Windows 10's creators update. It goes from recognizing the Mojo as a USB digital device to "Speakers". I tested tried uninstalling and reinstalling without luck. Downgrading to the previous version and my Mojo works again.

    Just wanted to help anybody who had a similar issue. Happy listening!
  2. fluidz
    Works fine for me..

  3. sheldaze
    Is that creators update - version 1703?

    I do not know because I do not have Professional edition of Windows. Using standard edition, I ran into the same issue as the thread starter.
  4. TG04
    Chord has issued (6/28/2017) a new driver for the Win 10 Creator Update, make sure to download & install // TG
  5. Ozemex
    Just got a new PC with Windows 10.

    My new Mojo should arrive by the weekend, so I should get to try it all with the latest update.
  6. UntilThen
    My newly acquired Mojo works fine with Window 10. I use the Windows 10 driver from Chord's website.
  7. TG04
    Very glad to hear it.... can you provide some add'l detail, like what Windows 10 version are you running and which Mojo driver have you downloaded?

    Not to be a pest, but there are so many variables -- personally, I am very happy with my current setup (Windows 10 Creator Update incl August cumulative update and the Chord Mojo Creator Update driver, dated June 2017). Only issue is that I can't use ASIO like prior to Win10 Creator -- but WASAPI works really well now, including DSD with the white light on Mojo, so I doubt I am missing out on anything.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
    Miszkur likes this.
  8. UntilThen
    I have the Windows 10 Home edition. I have updates turn on my PC to pick up any essential Windows 10 updates and that happens periodically. I am using the Windows-10-driver for Mojo from this site. https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/mojo/

    I didn't pick the Windows10_Creators_Driver768Hz because I have just gotten Mojo and I don't know what thats driver does.

    I've not tried DSD before because I have been using Yggdrasil and Ragnarok. Now I guess I'll give DSD a whirl with Mojo. :)

    Oh Mojo drove both my HD800 and LCD-2f splendidly. :)
  9. TG04
    Perfect! After all, the golden rule is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I think you should only get the Creator driver if the "plain" Win10 driver doesn't work any longer. Just one question -- can you use the Chord ASIO64 driver?
  10. UntilThen
    I don't see the Chord ASIO64 driver.

    All I have is the Chord Async USB 44.1 KHz - 768 KHz driver.
  11. TG04
    OK, that's probably a good sign since the new MSFT Audio 2.0 doesn't support ASIO -- that means you have transcended! Personally, I find the upgrade to 2.0 to be a great improvement in terms of more realistic sound, i.e. greater clarity and improved dynamics, very impressive result also very much in evidence on formerly "lame" audio files. I hope your experience matches mine.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
  12. UntilThen
    Transcended lol. I am pleased with what I hear from Mojo driving my LCD-2f direct as an amp/dac. Whilst it's not on the same level as my main setup of Yggdrasil and Ragnarok, it's still nevertheless a very good sound. Besides when I pick up this nearly new Mojo, it is literally that. Almost new with no blemish. The previous owner has only spent a few hours with it. So it is not even burn in yet.
  13. Miszkur
    I just bought Chord Mojo and I have a problem. Windows 10 doesn't see my Mojo. I checked many cable USB and other PC with windows 10. Problem is the same, windows doesn't see Chord Mojo and chord mojo driver as well

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