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Chord Hugo v. Mytek Brooklyn

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by diver110, Nov 5, 2018.
  1. diver110
    I realize the Mytek does not count as portable, though it is small enough to be fairly easily transportable. Some would say this is not apples to apples. Be that as it may, in my comparison, the Hugo won by a nose using Focal Elear headphones. It is hard to quantify the difference, but I would say the Hugo sounded cleaner, slightly less distorted (not that either sounded distorted in absolute terms). But there is an important caveat. I used an after-market, Mapleshade power cord with the Mytek Brooklyn. Yes, it really makes a difference, and it may also have made the contest closer than it would otherwise have been. I don't have the original power cord with which to do the comparison, but my guess is the Hugo would have had a bigger edge in that case. Also, I have done more listening with the Hugo since the comparison, and it is definitely growing on me. That said, the Mytek is a great DAC, and I still see the Mytek as the better value. The Hugo is around 30% more expensive, not worth it based on my comparison unless you need portability. An unknown: Would better headphones have made the Hugo shine brighter (not that the Elears cost chump change)?

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