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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. isquirrel
    Photos of the DAVE using the Sigma Digital pC directly into the dedicated line. I have to use a US to AUS adapter though, no way around that.
    It fits better than it looks.....
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  2. isquirrel
    Newbie question, how do I change the display colours? I am finding the manual in this regard to be hard to follow, any help please with step by step instructions would be much appreciated.
  3. isquirrel
    Haha, worked out how to change the display, unplug the headphone cable and voila !
  4. romaz
    Yes, please do this and share what you are hearing.
  5. Rob Watts
    I am in Singapore doing an event, and as usual brought my Dave. But I forgot my USB cable, and Karl from AV one kindly lent me a $200 audiophile USB cable, as I wanted to listen to some mains cables with Dave using AQ Nighthawks. Anyhow, on the way back to the hotel, I passed a computer stores, and saw a $2 USB 2.0 cable, and bought it, so I would never be Dave less due to forgetting my USB cable.
    Thought it would be interesting to listen to the two cables on Dave using headphones, as this is the simplest system - I don't have to worry about RF upsetting the power amps etc.
    So listened to it, and immediately much preferred the $2 cable - much smoother, better instrument separation and focus, much more listenable. Initially I thought the audiophile cable was better - the bass was tighter - but this was just the brighter sound quality. Going back and forwards was inconsistent, so I formally shut down JRiver and ejected Dave from my Windows lap-top when going back and forth. Still preferred the $2, even though it was not supposed to make a difference to the sound.
    Then I realised I had made a school boy error - the headphone cable was touching the USB cable. So I properly dressed the cables, kept the headphone cable separate, made sure the USB cables were in the same place every time.
    Then - no difference whatsoever. The headphone cable was picking up RF noise from the larger audiophile USB cable, and that accounted for the difference in sound. So yes Dave is insensitive to the USB cable, as long as it is bit perfect data, and the RF characteristics do not affect any other part of the system. 
    I have noticed some posters talking about AES EBU input - this is not the best input IMHO. It will inject RF noise into Dave from the source, and this will make it sound brighter, due to more noise floor modulation. It is very easy to hear this as an improvement (like I initially thought the audiophile USB had a tighter bass) but this is just how RF noise can artificially spice up the sound. Instrument separation and focus will suffer - in the case of digital inputs, the smoother and darker sound (which can easily sound initially less impressive) is the best sound.
    So far all of my tests have revealed that the source makes no difference to the sound, but this could be very system dependent. Dave for sure is intolerant, but your power amps or headphones may not be so. Also, when I did my tests, I left different computers on - powering down sources may make a difference, again results will be system dependent. I will be trying more things too.
    My quick test with mains cables was interesting - but I need to do some more listening with different options.
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  6. paul79
    That sucks. All that money for that PC and you cant get the right connector put on it? I think my money would go to somewhere that would make it right.
  7. Crgreen
    I'm a little troubled by Rob's comments concerning RF from the balanced input having an adverse affect. I have a DAVE on order (currently using a Hugo) and am planning on providing it with a laptop feed over USB and CD from a Meridan 500 Transport via Aes/ebu. Is it being suggested that using any electrical input in addition to USB is likely to degrade sound quality? If so, that's rather dissapointing.
  8. paul79
    Depends on how the inputs are treated when not "engaged" I suppose....
  9. Crgreen
    I'm sorry, I don't really follow that. What do you mean by "treated" and "engaged"?
  10. paulchiu
    Black Dave has not arrived but the wires and power system have.  Wish I had much larger space or longer Sigmas.
    Trying hard not to have the Sigma HC 20amp on the floor.
    Later need some velcro to keep the Signa flushed to the outlet.
    The back of Triton V2 looks like a war-zone.
    The Sigma Analog cable does not go into the Moon 430 HAD all the way.  Forcing it causes the entire jack module on the Moon to wiggle.
    Dave stand will sit on top of this Moon amp.
    Most difficult device to get the Sigma analog into is the Nagra MPS.
    First, it cannot go all the way in like the Simaudio Moon 430.
    Worst, it's nearly impossible to remove.  I thought I heard a loud pop when I pulled it out.
    Upon examination, nothing cracked or became loose on the Nagra.  I wonder if it's the Shunyata.
    Anyway, the fit is way too tight.
  11. paul79

    For example:
    If the AES/EBU input is completely open to the circuit, including ground when not in use, it would prevent RFI from entering the DAC.
  12. Crgreen
    Not being an electrical engineer, how would one make the input completely open to the circuit? If it helps, I intend both units to be plugged into a PS Audio Power Plant.
  13. paul79
    Relays is one way.
    I have a love hate relationship with any power conditioning. I have had systems where there was benefit to using them, and others where it degraded performance. Other times they presented music differently, both equally engaging, but this would be about your preference. I currently use no conditioning whatsoever, but practice use of high quality connectors and receptacles.
  14. Crgreen
    Again apologies, but don't really understand what you mean by "relays". Is there not a simple way that an electrical numptee like me could achieve what you say is necessary to avoid RF being passed to the DAVE via any of its electrical inputs? Or is it something that can only be configured by a specialist?

    I've found the Power Plant to be beneficial in my system, but I think that's a separate issue.
  15. paul79
    Rob will likely answer about how he has handled this in his DAC. When I say relays, I mean that they could be used internally to open and close the signal/ground within the DAC.
    You could simply turn off the source not being used I suppose.
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