Choosing head-fi Akg k550 or Sennheiser HD 439
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May 6, 2015
Hello, i am new to this forum but i read it from a while however back to the topic. I am after a new cans i'd had a sennheiser hd 201 and they where nice for like two weeks and my iphone earbuds tend to have better response at least in the bottom end. I narrowed my search down to these two the AKG K550 and Senn HD 439 i know that they are quite different but i am wondering do the extra money worth for the akg or go for senn with amp/dac with the saved money and adding little more for good amp/dac. My listening genres are mainly Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, i love dynamic music so hope they are fast (the cans) these are my main listening ganres. From time to time i listen everything else. So im looking for universal headphones with good depth and clarity and not bass shy but not bass heavy i prefer to be closed so i don't bother my family they will be used only at home via iphone or PC  with crappy soundcard. Sorry for my bad English im not from usa or uk. I can get AKG's for 153$ and the Senn's 87$ Thanks in advance. My budget for cans is 160$

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