Choosing Between The Creative Aurvana In Ear2 and Sony MH1C (Replacing AT ATH CSK77s)
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May 1, 2013
Hey everyone. This is my first post,so If im doing anything wrong,please let me know so I wont do it again.

I bought my Audio Technica ATH CKS77s almost exactly a year ago,and I really really enjoyed how they sounded. Never used anything other than that for all this time. And a few days after my warranty expires,the wire near the right earphone decides to die. Since I live in India,sending it back to HK to repair them would cost enough to buy a new pair of earphones.

And again,since I live in India,I have almost NO good brands to choose from. The only 4 I've got is Creative,Marley,Sony and Sennheiser. Don't wanna make the mistake of buying an earphone and then having to spend a small fortune on it to repair it,so I'd prefer not having to buy it from another country.

I've basically narrowed it down to the Aurvana In Ear2 and MH1C. Looking at all of those reviews the MH1C got,I'm leaning towards them at the moment. You reckon they're a good choice to replace my ATs?
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