Choice of USB cable (A/A male to male) for Apple CCK to car head unit
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Mar 26, 2012
Hi all, I've been using my iphone 5 as a USB source in my car (head unit is Alpine CDA-117, contains 24bit Burr Brown DAC) for a few years, and I'd like to try to play hi-res tracks using the Apple Camera Connection Kit.
The trouble is that both the CCK and the Alpine head unit have USB Type A female connectors, so to make the connection I'll need an A male to A male usb cable. There are two types of cables sold that have these connectors, one type is a data transfer cable (also known as a bridged cable, also known as a USB networking cable). There other type is a standard cable that lacks the bridging chip in the middle.
I'm not sure which type of cable to use, and I've heard that if I use the wrong type I could damage the USB connectors or even short the power supply, so I'm reluctant to simply guess! Does anyone know? My intuition is to use a standard cable rather than a bridged cable, since I'd think the head unit is a peripheral rather than a networking device. However, I'd love to hear from someone who knows more about the intricacies of USB and how Apple has manipulated it for use with the iphone and the CCK.
PS I'm sure someone is going to ask why I want to play hi-res tracks in my car, since hi-res frequencies are inaudible and a car is a horrible acoustic environment. Just humor me, please!

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