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Sep 22, 2019
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Sep 22, 2019
A Headphone Perspective | 3X3 Deluxe Audiophile Edition Album

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What if you were presented the same album recorded in three different ways ?
Different microphone techniques and different microphones. The performers and performances remain the same but the means used to capture their performances change. This album is the perfect illustration of the beauty of simplicity. No unnecessary production; no extemporaneous distractions. You're left with stunning musicianship, breathtaking acoustics, and evocative and memorable music.

Microphone versions of the album, same take
V.1 Stereo ribbon mic with two spaced omnis
V.2 Single stereo ribbon mic
V.3 Two spaced omnis

Which version is ultimately superior will be a uniquely individual answer, and a uniquely satisfying listening experience for all.

Chesky Records Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple: to create the illusion of live musicians in a real three-dimensional space.
Chesky Records tries to achieve the impression of reality with the most advanced technology available, careful microphone placement, and, most of all, a recording team that pays attention to every minute detail-making your listening experience tangible, pleasurable, exciting, and realistic. Our commitment to detail and our dedication to the music we produce has earned the company world-wide acclaim for the artistic and technical excellence of its releases. But Chesky Records didn't become a Grammy Award-winning independent audiophile label overnight: it's been nearly thirty years of hard work coupled with an abiding passion for great music that has gotten us this far, and it is this very same combination that will carry Chesky into the future.

3X3 Deluxe Audiophile Edition Album review
If you are familiar with the Binaural+ series from Chesky Records you're used to hear (HATS) a well known terminology on headphone forums, this means Head and Torso Simulator, in this case a B&K TYPE 4100.
This is a manikin designed for recording in-vehicle noise for sound quality evaluation and testing. Also used for sound optimization of consumer appliances, office equipment, power tools, marine equipment and heavy machinery.

Space and tone on this recording it's very different from what we are use to hear from the B&K 4100.
Imagining is significantly smaller and more intimate sort of say while the tone is preferable in my opinion.
Musicians have a great and marked personality that matched almost every single track on the album.
Sequencing and track spacing is good but spacing could be better in my opinion, more space between tracks.

Difference between versions
When musicians have a strong character songs need to match with them.
When microphone techniques have a strong perspective songs and balance needs to match with it.
Each version was superior over the other depending on the track but the one that works the most was V.3.

V.1 lacks of personality compare to the rest but Is the most neutral and elegant representation.
V.2 is the one with most personality but works with few tracks due to the marked representation.
V.3 has personality and neutrality at the same time and works the best with most of the tracks.

Listen to an album from three different perspective is an opportunity that you need to take.
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