Cheap Speaker Setup for Gym
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Oct 18, 2010
I'm looking for a speaker setup for my home gym.  I've had a couple threads before about this subject and had a lot of ideas in mind, most of them though costs a lot and for some personal reasons, my budget right now is very limited.
I am now looking for a $100 or less setup, preferably something that's "plug and play" with my smart phone or cowon j3.  I'll be playing mostly rap/r&b with a little bit of dubstep and alternative so nice pounding bass would be preferred with clear enough mids and highs.  I'd also prefer something that doesn't require an amp and other components, just strictly plugging my source and play.
I'm thinking about just grabbing a Logitech Boombox, a Soundfreaq Soundkick or some Jawbone Jambox just to get it over with.  But I thought I'd ask the community for some last minute suggestions before I pull the trigger.

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