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cheap Sansa Clip+ replacement

  1. conroy3
    I need to replace my broken Clip+ with something equally durable but also cheap(around $30). I want it to have FM Radio, Voice Recorder and just to be able to play multiple file formats - mp3 and flac are required but the more the better. Prefer keys to touchpad as it's for outdoor use, and hope that keys will let me to perform basic operations with one hand when DAP is in pocket. I prefer small display like in Sansa Clip+ but can accept players without any display. Don't care about high quality display, extra functions, wifi, bluetooth, video, etc. I would like it to have rockbox or at least good firmware that lets me to manage folders and equalize. As for size, even 1GB onboard is enough especially if SD slot is available. I hope for acceptable sound quality but don't expect anything special for such price - longevity and durability is prioritized over everything else. I will pair it with normal jack KOSS headphones and that's about it. With my needs I would rebuy Clip+ for normal price but it seems that current Sansa players aren't on par with older generation.

    I can see plenty of cheap Chinese players on market that visually look nice and could have needed features but I am afraid of their hardiness, hence I would prefer something that has been already tested or produced somewhere else.

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor

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