Changing the cable on the original Trinity Delta (or retwisting the cable)

  1. blubbblubb

    i own a pair of the original Trinity Delta and still enjoy them a lot, however some time ago i put them carelessly into the same pocket as my keys and the cable for the right ear piece got stuck on the keys. After i untangled everything the twisted (or is it braided?) cable got kind of loose and no matter what i do i do not seem to be able to retwist them so that they are the way they were before.

    Here is a Photo of how they look right now after i tried to retwist them again (however they tend to get worse over time)

    I know this does not affect the sound quality at all, however it drives me nuts and i find myself using them less and less because of this.

    Now i thought maybe someone had the same problem and was able to retwist the cable and or knows how to open them up and change the cable altogether.

    I would be grateful for any hints or pointers in the right direction.

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