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Changing ear pads first time (k712 pro, he400i etc)

  1. ls13coco
    Hey all, I'm just wondering what the general rule(s) of thumb for changing pads out are without damaging/breaking anything.

    This will be attempted with (starting in order) k712 pro, he400i, X2, 6xx with Brainwavz pads.

    - a newbie.
  2. kimvictor
    Nothing much really. Just make sure to apply pressure(pulling) carefully. Sometimes it takes bit of force, but it shouldn't be too bad. Most of the times, the pads have a plastic board with tabs that acts as a connector with the headphones, and if you snap the plastic or break the tabs, you won't be able to use the ear pads again. Never grip the plush part of the pad, as it may rip the foam or fabric. Always grab the outer part of the pad and pull(keep in mind that some headphones have ear pads that twist on/off. If you forcefully pull these, they'll break.)
  3. ls13coco

    Thanks! Taking them off seems to be no problem, but what about the "casing" I'll call it with the clips, can I take that off to use with the new pads without wrecking anything?
  4. ls13coco
    I hate to do this, but.. bump.

    I may be looking in the wrong places, but can't seem to find the info.
    I only have the clips of the stock pads and don't want to break them, am I screwed for now or can these be transferred back and forth?

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