Change my Sennheiser HD 650

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  1. specthram
    I'm a hd650 owner. He sounds great for me, but I would like to change to another one.
    My main activity is gaming, and movies. I listening music sometimes but less often. I keep my headphones many hours on my head a day.
    Comfort is very important for me, I have "big ears" (not so much ahah). For example I can't wear a beyerdynamic more than 20 minutes... but if there is sounding like headphones with sennheiser comfort it could be my next ones.

    So there is some criterias :
    - comfort (big earcups, like hd 6xx)
    - ~< 600$ if possible
    - powerful deep bass (HD 650 does not really lacks but if i could have some more <60hz.. and something <50hz )
    - large sound staging (for immersion)
    - open headphones (I'm not sure but closed ones sounds less natural)

    Maybe I can just upgrade to HD 700 ? I don't know.
    Thank you for your advices :)

    Maybe a detail, but my soundcard is a Sounbblaster Z (I love SBX studio for gaming and movies), I plan to change it to a X7 because of electromagnetic perturbations in my PC case.
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  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You'll get a wider and deeper soundstage on the HD700 but its stronger treble means the overall (im)balance will make the bass harder to hear, despite measurably stronger bass. Measurements will show that since it's a sine sweep, but when you're playing music with a lot of music playing, then you'll have the much stronger treble playing at the same time as the slightly stronger bass.
  3. cossix
    I'd advise against the 700 if you want a meatier low end. The 700 is good for gaming because of the soundstage and imaging, but it has an unbalanced amount of treble. It's not painful treble, but there is definitely way too much of it. Makes the headphone sound like a tin can to me, and I couldnt bring myself to wear it more than 10 minutes because it sucked the fun out of every single genre I tried it with.
  4. specthram
    ok I take note for the trebles. I don't like when there is to many treble, i like crispy ones for the "details" but i don't like when there is too much of it (I have the unbalanced cheap headphone vision of it... maybe i'm wrong). Maybe the HD 660s or another brand ?
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  5. cossix
    The 660S only made small tweaks to the 650 sound from what I heard. It seems to be just a little better all around.

    My advice would be to snag an HD598 for cheap and use that as your gaming headphone, and then upgrade your 650 to something else. It's very hard to find a headphone that is perfect for gaming and music the higher up you look IMO, except for the HD800. The 800 is basically endgame in terms of headphones that are great for gaming and music, but it doesn't have the bass impact I think you're looking for. It does reach very low though so it may be worth a shot. You can always EQ the 800 treble down a touch because it's slightly bright for my tastes
  6. chimney189
  7. cossix
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  8. techboy
    The HD 700 has awesome planar like bass that hits way harder than the HD 650. And I don’t mind it’s treble either. In fact I much preferred the clarity to the HD 650. The sound stage and comfort is perfect too. You will love it.
  9. cossix
    I found the bass of the 700 to be more accurate than the 650, but definitely not much more powerful. It's all relative also, because the treble overshadows the other frequencies anyway so the bass isn't as noticeable. I'd definitely advise him to try it first because it's a very polarizing headphone and there is no way to know whether or not you will like the 700 until you hear it. It's very love/hate. My friend loves it because it sounds "emotional" to him and he loves the vocals. I think it sounds like a tin can with no emotion. It's one of those 'try before you buy' things
  10. Malfunkt
    psst. HD700

    You can wear it endlessly, just recable it with a shorter cable. It's bass is tighter than the 650 but is still rolled off on the very low sub-bass. When I want that, I'll use my D2000. But for gaming overall the HD700 just destroys. I actually liked gaming with my HD650 and I'm sure the HD660S would be ace.

    The HD700 is just exceptional for gaming, be it competitve like CS:Go to just enjoying an immersive game like the Witcher 3. The HD700 isn't for everyone, but it is definitely for most gamers :wink:

    Also a great music headphone if you like movie score, classical, ambient, technical electronic music, jazz and acoustic guitar.
  11. ahmadfaizadnan
    HD660s could be a good upgrade
  12. cossix
    Not worth retail though :p
  13. cossix
    I liked them for gaming at least :p
  14. specthram
    HD 800 is 1200$ :scream: I don't know if I want/can afford it.
    HD 700 seems to be very particular, I'll go to Hi-Fi store to try it.
    HD 660s is like I don't really change from my current HD 650... for 500$ I don't think it's worth it.
    I would like to have only one headphone plugged on my computer.
    Maybe I can change my soundblaster z to a X7 now to change something ? (I'm not sure if it's just the headphone which cannot do it at all (low bass <55hz), or an amp issue).
    I can try another brand if there is nothing at Sennheiser, I really enjoyed the beyerdynamic sound, but the comfort was ... :s ears in fire. Maybe the T70 is bigger than MMX-300 ? (DT770)
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  15. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I think the SB-Z (Sound Blaster Z) is a great value, but it's built in headphone amplifier may not be bring out the best in the HD650.
    The SB-Z can send it's SBX Headphone surround sound thru it's S/PDIF optical port.
    So you might consider getting an optical DAC (from Hifimediy, $60) and a Darkvoice 336SE OTL tube headphone amplifier ($214-$250).

    If your big on FPS gaming, Sennheiser HD558 might offer some amount of improvement, for surround sound, over the HD650.
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