CES 2018 roll call and possible meet up.

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  1. dgindlespergerd
    Hello Folks,
    Las Vegas is calling, who will answer the call?
    If you make it out and want to say hi, I'll be in the main press room all week taking care of the press folks. Just go to South hall S226 and ask for Dan from the 5th on. I will be at the Venetian the 4th for the innovation show.
    If you have never gone there are blogger lounges for the folks that do that and I huge press room that I have working at for close to 20 years. The press is treated very well as they are the main reason a lot of vendors come to the show.
    If you have not signed up


    Dan G
  2. dgindlespergerd
    1515276463862149777499.jpg CES press room is ready
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