Car Audio: Head Unit EQ and Pre Out
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Jan 4, 2005
I have a Pioneer DEH-1500 CD Player in my car, and I'd like to add a sub via the Pre Out on the back of the head unit.

What I'm wondering is: If I EQ down the bass via the controls on the head unit, will this affect the signal sent to the Pre Out?

I'd like do some sort of high pass "crossover" so the 6 1/2's and 6x9's don't have to play any low frequencies. If the head unit's EQ doesn't affect the Pre Out, then I would just attenuate the 6 1/2's and 6x9's that way, but if the EQ does affect the Pre Out, then what is my next best option for stopping low frequencies from getting to my smaller speakers (if possible I'd rather stay away from bass blockers or other passive crossovers, just so I don't have to open up all the door panels, solder, ect.)?

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