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Cannot hear well unless blow my nose

  1. rantrile
    Since few months ago I started to pay attention that the music is not as crisp as it used to be. Then I blew in my nose while closing it, to let the air come a bit from the ears.
    It did work for one ear and I can hear very well for about next few minutes.
    Has anyone experienced this and may suggest what to do to in order to get rid of this problem?
  2. Mython Contributor
    Mucus affecting hearing is very common.
    I've experienced it off and on, for the past 30years.
    There are a multitude of possible causes - way too complex to get into, on a head-fi thread!
    Food intolerance is one possible cause. Dairy foods (milk, cheese, etc.) are a classic culprit, but one can form an intolerance to pretty much any food, since humans are so individual.
    Another thing that can increase the likelihood of mucus in the ear is increased permeability of the lining of the gut wall, since this affects the immune system. Heavy-metal intoxication of the liver can also play a part in this - I did warn you that this can get complex, so I won't go any further.
    Bromelain (a natural enzyme, derived from pineapples) is known to make mucus thinner. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) also has a mucus-thinning effect. But you shouldn't start self-medicating with these, without consulting a qualified doctor, as they have other effects (bromelain can thin the blood, too, for example).
  3. rantrile
    Thanks. Have you also experienced after swimming the water to be trapped inside the ears?
    I went to the ENT doctor and he said that the wax accumulation is not significant, but he cleaned it anyway, without any improvement though. He also said that he observed a mild inflammation (seemingly without infection) and then prescribed me Betahistine 12 mg 1 tablet 3 times a day (haven't tried it yet).
  4. Mython Contributor
    If you mean in the outer ear canal, then yes - almost everyone has.
    If you mean in the inner ear, then that is something different. I suppose that could happen if a person has a perforated ear drum and goes swimming.
    Mmmm... interesting.   Perhaps this will resolve in a few weeks.
    If not, consider your gut health (as I mentioned before), and also consider your dental health - sometimes an infection in a tooth / root / gum can cause ENT issues.
    BTW, on the food side of things, I forgot to mention that black pepper can sometimes increase mucus production, because although it's not unhealthy, black pepper irritates mucus membranes.
  5. Mython Contributor
    Something else just occurred to me - were you swimming in a swimming pool? These can contain trillions of pathogenic bacteria, from everyone who has swum in the pool. They're like one giant petri dish, even with the chlorine disinfectant added (jacuzzi hot tubs are are also horribly full of infectious bacteria).
    Just something to consider! [​IMG]
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Alternately, you can get a spoon, scoop out some of the regular Vicks, and then get a big straw (the kind used in Asia for when drinks have tapioca balls) and have one end of that in one nostril. Hold the spoon over a candle, and then put the other end of the straw over the Vicks. Hold the other nostril closed and then inhale deeply. Alternate nostrils and repeat until your sinus is clear. 
  7. rantrile
    Outer. But the problem is that it takes it very difficult to remove. For all my life whenever some water would get into the ear, I would jump on one leg, ear towards the ground and the water would come out. But since a year ago it became very difficult to remove the water. I have to jump for several minutes and use all the tricks I know and the water would still not come out.
    Hasn't resolved in months already. I don't use black pepper. Dentist didn't find any inflammation. My gut seems to be sometimes good and sometimes not so. What should I do about my gut to try to fix it?
    However, the condition of the ear seems rather constant, like a small grade inflammation. 
  8. rantrile
    Been swimming in swimming pool and in sea. No difference. In fact the water from the sea seemed to be a bit harder to remove.
  9. rantrile
    Thanks. Where did you read about it?

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