CanJam SoCal 2021 (September 25-26, 2021)
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Just wandering, is there any UC(UCI, UCLA...) students here?
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Sounds like at least one other person here shares my concerns. I don't want to be a killjoy - I'm already disappointed not to have had this event in the summer and won't be a happy camper if we don't have it in December either, but realistically, barring some amazing luck with a vaccine or some other unexpected miracle, I don't see how any CanJam could be run in a responsible, "socially-distanced" way. Lots of people together in one confined, air-circulated environment, everybody touching the same things and then putting them on their faces, in their ears, etc. I'd love to be wrong, but I just can't see this happening :frowning2:

If there’s a second wave, then there’s a possibility it won’t happen. As long as we are more diligent with hygiene and proactive measures such as checking everyone’s temperature before allowed entry, future events should be a continued success.:beerchug:
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Yes it's fall by a bit more than a week. Further it's in SoCal by the ocean. The problem is not the weather and season at the meet. It's the weather and season for all those places where folks will be arriving at the meet. In the upper Midwest (as one example), winter weather almost certainly will have set in by mid-December--and flu season will be underway.
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