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CanJam SoCal 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. mwhals
    Valkyrie is $1599 in custom and less in universal. It only has 3 drivers - dynamic for bass, BA for mids, estat for highs.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  2. vid1900
    Don't quote me, but I think I remember hearing ~$1400 ish
  3. Giullian
    Sorry, my bad, confused with the other mhch more expensive. Have you tried it?
  4. Matthew420
    Huh. This mockup shows 4 speaker-like objects, with the fourth apparently being a toaster oven:

  5. mwhals
    I have heard neither of the new IEMs, but the more expensive Wraith is around $3,000.
  6. mwhals
    The top is the dynamic driver, the next one down on the left is the BA driver and the bottom on the left is the Estat driver. The top right is the output to the cable and the bottom right might be the crossover.
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  7. ehqhvm
    The Wraith is 3500. I may be crazy but I actually liked the legend x and the Valkyrie more than the Wraith. I wanted a tad more bass from the wraith.
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  8. mwhals
    Good to hear, because I was planning on ordering the Legend X.
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  9. Watagump
    Not an official annouunce but good chance they will happen.
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  10. ehqhvm
    Heh yeah I can tell you you will not be disappointed!
  11. Giullian
    Now we are talking! Khan + Wizard design. Can't go wrong. (Ok, a tiny bit more lower end on the signature)
  12. rantng
    What was new at 64 Audio?
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  13. kdphan
    They’re demoing something new coming out in July. They wouldn’t say what specs were or anything at all. It’s a little warmer than the A12t and strong bass rumble. Guessing some sort of hybrid.
  14. raelamb
    Would be very appreciative of opinions/observations of the Astell and Kern SP 2000 from anyone who checks it out and most updated info about when they're shipping. Thank you.
  15. mwhals
    Wow! I have read (not heard) that the A12t was already pretty warm. Maybe what I read was not correct.
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