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CanJam Shanghai 2018 Impressions Thread (November 3-4, 2018)

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  1. milesjunkie
    I had the same question...also was the beta player bigger or smaller than the #2? That probably clues where it will fit in the lineup.
  2. misteral201103
    I think it was a touch smaller. Not 100% sure though.
  3. MrTechAgent
    The real showstopper. We've been wearing it wrong.

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  4. volly
  5. Zachik
    All depends on the shape and orientation of your ears...

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  6. duaned
    So who is heading off to the Canjam in Shanghai next month?
  7. misteral201103
    You know it!!! Looking forward to it, although not in the market for anything now so it's curiousity rather than fervour that's driving me.
    I'll be bringing my binaural mic/earphones - hoping to capture some speaker demos!!

    Anything in particular you're excited for?
  8. duaned
    No not really. Just some demo's and if I see something special I will buy it. I will be in Hong Kong after this so I am debating whether to do some personal audio shopping there instead?
  9. misteral201103
    No idea about the HK scene - I would imagine there are shops aplenty. Where CanJam SH is taking place is very close to the three main headphone/IEM stores - Earphone King, Soundluck and Jaben. If you see something you like in Soundluck, make sure to check price against their TaoBao listing. They may initially quote you a higher price but will quickly match the TaoBao price when you show it to them (no fuss).
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Thread Status:
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