CanJam NYC 2024 (March 9-10, 2024)
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CanJam returns to the Big Apple for the 7th edition of CanJam NYC! Join us for CanJam NYC 2024 at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square! SAVE THE DATES and be sure to subscribe to the thread for updates!

CanJam NYC 2024

New York Marriott Marquis, Times Square
1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Saturday, March 9, 2024
10am to 6pm

Sunday, March 10, 2024
10am to 5pm

Show Tickets (Click here to purchase)
Weekend - $40
One Day - $30

Surround yourself with the sights and sounds of the city at New York Marriott Marquis. One of the premier hotels in Times Square, its central location gives you easy access to NYC entertainment options and several subway lines to access any part of NYC. We have secured a limited number of rooms for $285/night. Click here to make your room reservations.

CanJam Volunteers
There will be volunteer staff positions at CanJam NYC 2024 to assist at the Registration Desk. You will need to be able to commit to a 4 hour shift on either the Saturday or Sunday of the event. Volunteers will receive free weekend tickets along with an event T-Shirt. If you are interested, please send me a PM or email to with your full name, email address, and T-Shirt size.

CanJam NYC Forum Badges
Looking to get a CanJam NYC 2024 event badge added to your profile? Drop us a line and we'll be happy to add one for you.

We look forward to seeing you at CanJam NYC 2024!

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Campfire Audio
Viva Audio


Abyss Headphones
Aroma Audio
Austrian Audio
Benchmark Media Systems
Bloom Audio
Brise Audio
Burson Audio
Campfire Audio
Chord Electronics
Dan Clark Audio
Dekoni Audio
DITA Audio
Effect Audio
Elysian Acoustic Labs
Empire Ears
Feliks Audio
Flash Acoustics
HeadAmp Audio Electronics
High End by Oz
iFi Audio
JPS Labs
Lake People
Linear Tube Audio
Linsoul Audio
Metaxas & Sins
Meze Audio
Mod House Audio
Nightjar Acoustics
Nostalgia Audio
Pathos Acoustics
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
PW Audio
Schiit Audio
Sound Organisation
Spirit Torino
Symphonium Audio
Unique Melody
Upscale Audio
Viva Audio
Westone Audio
Woo Audio
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CanJam NYC 2024 T-Shirts are $40 and can now be ordered online at the following link: On the CanJam NYC 2024 show page, scroll down until you reach the "CanJam NYC 2024 T-Shirts" section to place your order.

All T-Shirt pre-orders must be picked at the Registration Desk during show hours on March 9-10. The deadline for online T-Shirt orders for CanJam NYC 2024 is Friday, March 1. We will have a few extra T-Shirts in various sizes on hand as well, for purchase at the show. CanJam NYC 2024 volunteers do not need to order their own T-shirts as we will be providing them directly.
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Come join us in the Ziegfeld room on the 4th floor (directly below the 6th floor Broadway Ballroom) of the New York Marriott Marquis for a series of interactive discussion panels with some of the industry’s leading experts in audio technology. Always entertaining, extremely engaging, and very informative, these seminars give you a behind the scenes look at the headphone audio industry like nothing else. Spaces are limited, so be sure to arrive early. See you there!

Saturday, March 9, 2024

It’s About Time - What New Measurements Reveal About Audio Quality
11:00a to Noon

xMEMS’ new class of transducers deliver the highest precision audio reproduction in the time domain, and this has now been proven via subjective and objective testing by HEAD Acoustics. xMEMS and HEAD Acoustics will present the results of this benchmark testing conducted upon products made with these new Piezo-MEMS µSpeakers utilizing MDAQS metrics. MDAQS algorithms are based on 6 years of cutting-edge research in human hearing and audio perception and validate the praises of golden ears from around the world about xMEMS µSpeakers, that traditional audio testing methods could not reveal.
SPEAKERS: Michael Ricci, Sr. Director of Electroacoustic Engineering, xMEMS Labs, Inc.; Jacob Soendergaard, HEAD Acoustics

Myths About Measurements
Noon to 1:00p

Objective measurements are everywhere in audio. Never before has so much data been so accessible so easily, but is that a good thing? Join our panel of experts to learn why measurements shouldn’t always be trusted, why we should always take measurements with a sizable grain of salt, why we should never treat them as absolutes, and how objective measurements are often quite subjective. Most importantly, learn about what’s being done to address these flaws, to achieve better clarity for us all moving forward.
SPEAKERS: Konstantin Davy (Oratory1990), Acoustic Engineer, USound GmbH; Blaine LaCross (Mad Economist); Cameron Oatley (GoldenSound)

Going Beyond "One Number to Rule Them” - Measurements in Perspective
2:00p to 3:00p

Schiit Audio's history with measurements includes being called “lazy, incompetent engineers,” buying not one but 11 audio analyzers, and then designing both spectacularly measuring gear and stuff that’s “downright scary bad.” Are we crazy? Or is it possible that a single, reductive number just can’t reflect actual listening levels, transient response, or the distortion of transducers. So how do we measure more, measure better, actually measure effectively, and then make that something meaningful to give us genuine perspectives on how things sound? Let’s find some answers.
SPEAKER: Jason Stoddard, Founder, Schiit Audio

Digital Isn’t
3:00p to 4:00p

Digital is digital, it's all ones and zeroes. Except that, no it isn't. Beyond the fundamentals of the digital-to-analogue conversion process, there are a host of additional factors that can dramatically affect the sound of your DAC — and consequently, what you will hear through your signal chain. Discover how power supplies, analogue devices and circuit design, galvanic isolation, digital cables and more can dictate your listening experience. But most importantly, learn how sometimes, digital isn’t.
SPEAKER: Rob Watts, Digital Design Consultant, Chord Electronics

Ear Pads As Critical Acoustical Devices
4:00p to 5:00p

Many Head-Fiers view ear pads as simple replacement parts and nothing more. And whilst they are undoubtedly consumables, ear pads are also coupling devices that form part of the complex acoustic chamber between your headphones and your ears. As such, their mechanical and material properties can dramatically affect what you hear. Join Tal Kocen, Co-Founder and COO at Dekoni Audio, to explore how ear pads can preserve — or even perfect — the sound signatures of your favorite headphones.
SPEAKER: Tal Kocen, Co-Founder and COO, Dekoni Audio

How To Start A Headphone Company
5:00p to 6:00p

Zach and Bevin Mehrbach's entry into the headphone industry was unconventional. They'll share their business journey, including anecdotes and images from their early days to the present, covering multiple measurement rig upgrades, various workspaces from apartments to basements, and the design of an 8000 SQ foot manufacturing facility. Come by for a fun time and bring questions!
SPEAKERS: Zach & Bevin Mehrbach, ZMF Headphones

Sunday, March 10, 2024

New Headphone Target Curves Defined on the B&K 5128: How Different Do They Sound and Which One is Most Preferred?
11:00a to Noon

The release of the Brüel & Kjær 5128 HATS in 2018 ushered in a new standard in accurate measurements of headphones. Its introduction also meant that headphone target curves defined on the older standard were no longer valid when measured on the 5128. Since then, several different headphone target curves for the 5128 have been proposed, but most lack scientific validation based on controlled listening tests. This raises an important question: how different do they sound from one another, and which one is most preferred? My talk will give an overview of the various headphone target curves proposed, how they were derived, and some analysis of how different they sound from one another.
SPEAKER: Dr. Sean Olive, Senior Fellow, Acoustic Research, Harman International

A Novel Approach to Measure Headphone Transient Response
Noon to 1:00p

The Farina logarithmic sweep test method, in use since 2000, enables engineers designing electroacoustic products to obtain a device’s impulse response from a constant-amplitude sinusoidal sweep. Due to the non-transient nature of this stimulus, this impulse response may differ from a response generated when using a transient stimulus. This presentation discusses how one can characterize transient behavior of headphones using single-cycle tone bursts to augment measurements obtained through sine-based testing.
SPEAKER: Dan Foley, Do No Harm Music

Making Great Sound from Thin Air
2:00p to 3:00p

What if we told you that the perfect membrane can be made from—air? Learn how we engineer solid-state AIR drivers using modulated ultrasound, delivering exceptional bass from compact speakers while reproducing highs flawlessly. Explore their current applications and the transformative potential they hold for the future of audio. Join us to unravel the magic of AIR drivers and their groundbreaking impact.
SPEAKER: Moti Margalit, CEO, SonicEdge Ltd.

Critical Listening: How to Judge
3:00p to 4:00p

Many designers use listening tests to improve the design of their products. But since the provenance of recordings are unknown, how can one be sure that genuine improvements are being made so that real progress towards transparent reproduction is being achieved. It is very easy to think that an "improvement" is actually better when it's worse. Objectively assessing sound quality is key and this seminar will explain how. This will be followed by a Q&A session when you can ask any question about Digital audio.
SPEAKER: Rob Watts, Digital Design Consultant, Chord Electronics

Ask The Reviewers AMA @ CanJam New York 2024!
4:00p to 5:00p

What was best-in-show at CanJam NYC 2024? Is there a "correct" sound signature, and what might that be? How much power do we actually need to truly drive our headphones? What is the best in-ear monitor or headphone, for my music, within my budget? You have questions, bring them all to our panel of expert reviewers as they answer them all live, and in real time!
SPEAKERS: Crinacle, DMS, Golden Sound, Resolve and ZEOS Pantera;
SPECIAL GUEST MODERATOR: Zach Mehrbach, ZMF Headphones
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Wooo hooooo! Let the countdown to the new season begin! 🥳
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So now all it takes is book flights and wait? :thinking:
OK... looking for flights in progress!
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Just bought my ticket, see y'all there!
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Hope to see and MusicTeck.. large vendors always brings lots of variety.. 🤞

So pumped to see all of you!!!!!! counting the days 😉
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With Dallas being my favorite CanJam ever, I'm off the charts pumped for New York. 🤘
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I am excited to attend this event. Canjam Dallas was my first and it was a blast.
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Got my ticket right after Canjam Dallas, dragging some more friends along this time too. I'm local to NYC so I can give suggestions on restaurants and sites to see if anyone is interested. Super excited!! 😀
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Having missed the last two CanJam LA meets due to coincident vacation plans, I've got CanJam NYC marked down on my calendar, and am already looking forward to it! Does anyone know if special rate hotel reservations can be cancelled without penalty in the event something comes up and I can't make it, or should I contact Marriott directly about that?

Also, @Kerry , is Eksonic likely to be an exhibitor at CanJam NYC this March?

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