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CanJam London 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. third_eye Moderator
    CanJam London 2019 is open! Post your impressions here.

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  2. someyoungguy
    If anyone checks out the ZMF Verite closed back or Rupert Neve designs DAC/amp I’d love to hear some thoughts. Actually, add the Fiio K5PRO DAC/amp to that too. :)
  3. Luvdac
    Anyone any news of the chord 2go?
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  4. acygni
    Does Fiio really have the btr5 there? It has never been seen besides in a teaser.
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  5. Imusicman
    Just about to go back in after a quick pit stop. RN DAC/amp very nice as was the DCS Bartok. Biggest surprise so far was the Focal DAC/amp? Really, really nice with the Stellia. Almost addictive
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  6. davidcotton
    How busy is it this year? So close to going (again), but something always seems to crop up. This year was rampant hayfever that still hasn't settled down from april. Enjoy it, those of you lucky enough to go.
  7. TooPoorForHiFi
    Show the new FiiO M11 PRO please!? Price point Release Date?
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  8. Watagump
    Pics or it didn't happen.
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  9. Laurence11
    Just got home from the show. Had a listen to the M11 Pro. Suffice to say my jaw dropped! Ridiculously clean output. Lovely Fiio guy told me October release!
  10. kefs
    On train back to Devon, with my old Phillips she 9850's in, to be fair, they sound better than 95% of iems i listened to ?
    Not sure whats going on, these cost £60 (£100 retail), blew £1000 ones away.
    Had a nice time looking and listening to lovely gear, only really knocked out by Emperyen Meze, what a 'phone, WOW
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  11. kumar402
    What is the difference between Pro and non pro. I was planning to get M11. I guess I should wait for few months.
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  12. TooPoorForHiFi

    According to FiiO Dual DAC AK4497 + Built in THX AAA AMP
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  13. davidcotton
    Wow that's hardcore. Hope the train runs ok. I'm in Dorset (came from Devon originally) and wimped out of going. How hot was it up there?
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  14. davidcotton
    Bear in mind that that probably means uk release early next year as chinese market gets limited roll out first to iron bugs out in the firmware.
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  15. kefs
    The heat wasn't an issue, the rain was
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